Ideas for Storing Your Instant Pot in a Decluttered Kitchen

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The kitchen is the heart of every home. It’s where you cook meals, plan family outings, and create memories with your loved ones, and many families are looking for simple and quick ways to cook have invested in tons of kitchen gadgets like an Instant Pot, rice cooker, dutch oven, electric pressure cooker, toaster oven, slow cooker, or other small kitchen appliances. However, they are now looking for ideas for storing an Instant Pot and the many other gadgets cluttering the kitchen space.

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Over the last few years, the Instant Pot has become a kitchen staple and the perfect way to feed the family.

However, with the size of the gadget (especially the 8-quart Instant Pot)- everyone is looking for the best way to store it in some cabinet space or the perfect solution to a cluttered kitchen in general.

As busy families know all too well, it can be hard to find time for cooking and an orderly kitchen. This is especially true if you’re juggling work or school in addition to managing a household on your own.

Many families have found investing in kitchen gadgets and other small appliances to be a real game changer.

storing your instant pot on a counter (2)

Many have invested in tons of gadgets without thinking they might not have enough room in their own kitchen.

They are looking for easy access to great kitchen tools and want them in easy reach, too.

If you’ve read my blog, you know my husband and I moved into a 1960s fixer-upper home with very limited storage space.

We came toting two Instant Pots (one big, one small) two Slow Cookers, a large toaster, a rice cooker, and an air fryer – and nowhere to put them.

Our first step was to figure out some sort of open shelves or a shelving unit for all of our Instant Pot accessories and needed some clever ways to find room in our small space.

instant pot storage ideas pin 1

What is a good way to start finding room for my Instant Pot and other kitchen gadgets?

In order to figure out how to fit our favorite kitchen gadgets – we had to start from the basics and declutter the kitchen first.

Although we have a tiny kitchen, the following decluttering will work for any size kitchen and will work well even if it’s the first time you’re figuring out a storage method for your kitchen.

How do you declutter the kitchen before making room for an Instant Pot and other kitchen gadgets?

First things first – make sure you start with a decluttered kitchen and have decluttered kitchen cabinets, too.

storing your instant pot on the countertop

Whether you’re using Marie Kondo’s method (you can check out her book here) or you’re working on a “to-do” list from a home organizing planner, you found a storage hack book, or just looking for great solutions, keep in mind, decluttering your kitchen doesn’t have to overwhelm you. 

We’ll begin with a step-by-step, area by area, plan until it’s completely decluttered and has ample storage for all your kitchen gadgets including the Instant Pot.

We’ll outline several different ways to figure out the best use for pantry shelves, limited counter space, or clean-out adjustable shelves to make room for everything.

Why is kitchen organization important?

An organized home (and kitchen) is a peaceful home.

In this post, we are focused on the kitchen and organizing kitchen gadgets like an Instant Pot.

declutter cupboards before storing your instant pot

Focusing on the benefits of an organized and decluttered kitchen include:

  • A clean and sanitary space
  • Plenty of room for pantry items
  • Time is saved since it’s not a mystery where everything is located
  • Grocery trips are faster since you can make a quick list of necessities – and save any additional cost
  • Families love it since everyone knows where everything is located
  • Helps mental health since organized spaces cause less stress
  • Saves sanity since most families spend a lot of time in the kitchen and the storage cabinet

What if I’m overwhelmed from the start?

It’s okay to feel buried if your kitchen is a cluttered mess.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with organizing your kitchen, take a step back.

Think about what’s important to you, and what kitchen gadgets and items must stay.

It’s a great option to take a deep breath knowing next week, your kitchen will be organized.

Should I ask for help to declutter my kitchen and find room for my Instant Pot?

Yes, absolutely!

Make sure to enlist the help of family or friends.

No one says you have to tackle this decluttering operation all on your own.

Get family and friends input on what items in the kitchen they use or think are beneficial.

Keep in mind, that even if your kitchen is a total disaster, you can quickly make headway with the help of others.

How do I begin decluttering for the Instant Pot and other kitchen gadgets?

First things first, you need to declutter the room.

Keep in mind you should begin with a clean, orderly, and decluttered space.

To begin, if you have dishes piled up, load them into the dishwasher, put away odd items, and store anything like dishes or silverware.

declutter before storing your instant pot

Also, place any loose items on a utility cart, on top of the cabinets, under the kitchen sink in an under-sink organizer, or on the lower tiers of the bottom cabinets in an organizer.

Pro tip: Resist the urge to get distracted by multitasking in other rooms. Don’t start a load of laundry, or start putting clothes away.

A great way to stay focused on the kitchen, and make room for the Instant Pot storage or any other kitchen gadgets, is to remember the last thing you want is a cluttered kitchen with no room for fun kitchen gadgets.

I’ve started decluttering my kitchen, what’s next?

It’s now time to grab all the cluttered stuff and drag everything out.

If you’re doing a deep clean, and completely decluttering in preparation for storing an Instant Pot or other kitchen gadgets then you need to pull everything out of the cabinets.

Pro tip: If you don’t have a lot of time to clean or declutter each day. That’s fine – your kitchen gadgets and Instant Pot will still be okay on the countertops for now!

storing your instant pot after organizing in baskets

This includes items from any storage cart, food storage areas, a lazy Susan organizer, any wicker baskets on the countertops, and even the bar cart items that should be gone through.

In addition to looking for added space, we need a clean space, too.

While this may feel like extra work and will take a bit longer, you’ll be much happier with the results!

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When you add kitchen gadgets to the space – it will be a cleaner area. 

Pro tip: If you’re Type A, you may want to map out a plan of attack before diving right into this kitchen decluttering project. Grab a home decluttering planner and maybe consider dividing your kitchen into zones and tackle them one by one. 

Tackling one “zone” at a time ensures you won’t spend all day on the same task – and you’ll get the decluttering project done sooner.

I’ve got the project going – now how do I figure out what to keep and toss in the kitchen?

The most important thing is to figure out what is necessary and what is not for an orderly and functional kitchen.

storing your instant pot on glass shelves

The bottom line is that you are making room for some fun kitchen gadgets, like an Instant Pot, that makes your cooking easier and quicker.

Get rid of anything that makes it harder.

What’s next to organize and declutter in the kitchen and make room for my Instant Pot?

We are trying to find added space, so make sure you declutter all the areas of your kitchen and cabinets including the utensil areas. 

Where else should I organize to find room for my kitchen gadgets and Instant Pot?

An organizing kitchen pantry tools might be a perfect choice to stow your kitchen gadgets and would be a great place for storing an Instant Pot.

However – depending on the state of your pantry this might be a huge project in and of itself. 

storing your instant pot best option

When it comes to the pantry, you’re either going to love organizing it, or you’re going to hate it.

There usually isn’t much gray area here.

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Head to Amazon and buy tons of clear plastic (or glass) containers to hold all of your non-perishable items and some other storage containers. 

Amazon has can holders that can more than triple the space available in your pantry.

In addition, you can also use small containers to organize seasoning packets, small bags of dried fruits and nuts, etc.

Should I really spend this much time organizing my kitchen for a couple of appliances and gadgets?

Yes, you’ve come this far.

Why not keep going?

storing your instant pot on a counter

You’re going to love the decluttered and clean kitchen and it will be a perfect place to store all those gadgets.

So, what should I declutter next?

Let’s get into the spice rack.

I actually moved my spice rack around to make room for some of my kitchen gadgets.

I transferred the entire spice collection to another cabinet to make room for my kitchen gadgets.

As I was going through my spices, I did toss expired ones making it easier to move to the other cabinet.

If you haven’t organized a spice area, there are many ways – head over to search Pinterest for even just a few moments, you’ll find tons of them!

The simplest way to organize spices is based on the amount of space you have, along with how many spices you use on a regular basis. 

Pro tip: Organizing spices alphabetically on a magnetic rack attached to a backsplash is popular and affordable.

If you only use a few spices on a regular basis, have those at the front of your spice cabinet and the rest of the spices can hang out in the back.

I love the idea of organizing them alphabetically, though, so you save time searching when it’s time to use them.

Grab a spice organizer to make your life easier, too. 

Do I really need to declutter my whole kitchen for gadgets and an Instant Pot?


Let’s just keep going a little more and tackle the junk drawer.

This is where you’ll really want to get serious about getting rid of items you don’t use frequently.

I know this may not have everything to do with making space for kitchen gadgets or for storing your Instant Pot – but starting with a decluttered space will make you feel great!

So, onward with your junk drawer. Get this area done, too.

It’s amazing all the clutter that can arrive from a simple junk drawer.

Consider adding adjustable dividers, an organizer rack, or anything that can help open space and organize the drawer.

In addition to the junk drawer, another good option is to organize your skillets, pots, and pans. They can really clutter up the area.

I use a pot lid organizer and pans organizer, and it keeps all my cooking items neat in the cabinet and around the cabinet door.

Pro tip: If you don’t need all the stainless steel pots and pans or cookie sheets that might be floating around – get a box ready for Goodwill or sell it in a garage sale – and grab a garage sale kit to make it easier.

Okay, my kitchen is decluttered – where do I add my kitchen gadgets and where am I storing an Instant Pot?

First, congratulations – it’s tough to declutter an entire kitchen and organize and toss unneeded items.

However, we’ve now (likely) found tons of space and areas for your kitchen gadgets and for storing an Instant Pot pressure cooker, and plenty of other kitchen gadget items.

So, after all this decluttering – where should I store my Instant Pot?

Circling back to the Instant Pot storage solutions, many kitchen gadgets do take up a lot of space.

Although, most people store their pressure cooker in the cabinet if you still don’t have the room after decluttering you could store it:

  • On top of the refrigerator
  • Under a kitchen island shelf
  • In the pantry
  • In the garage (last resort)
  • The basement in the original box
  • On a kitchen cart

As dual Instant Pot owners, my husband and I needed to decide, with limited space, where to store our items.

How did you make room for your Instant Pot?

Since we’ve got a small kitchen, we had to get creative to solve our Instant Pot storage dilemma.

storing your instant pot in an organized kitchen

If you have read the blog, you know we redid our kitchen counters, I used the same d.c.fix contact paper from my kitchen counter makeover project and lined the table to make an island with shelves that matched everything.

Upgrading (well, building) a kitchen island ended up being perfect for our home as it matched the rest of our kitchen while also becoming a functional place for all of our kitchen gadgets including both of my Instant Pots. 

storing your instant pot options

I think this is one of my personal favorite organization tips for a small kitchen with a ton of kitchen gadgets and always list it as one of my top picks for upgrading our kitchen.

Pro tip: If this is a well-used gadget (like mine is) you don’t want to bury it behind lots of other kitchen gadgets. We made sure ours was easy to grab (on our little made kitchen island.)

instant pot storage ideas pin 7

Final Thoughts

The kitchen is really the heart of my home.

I love cooking and preparing meals for my family.

It’s a fun time to use new and exciting kitchen gadgets but finding a place for storing an Instant Pot (or two at my house) was a challenge.

I love the kitchen island we made and it’s perfect in our home.

For more great DIY and everything home ideas, be sure to follow us on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for the latest posts, tips, and ideas.

Your turn

Do you love kitchen gadgets?

What kind of kitchen cooking things do you have in your home?

Do you have any tips for storing your instant pot? Let me know in the comments!


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