Extend Patio Season with Fall Fire Pit Ideas

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Extend your patio season with fire pit and heater lamp ideas this fall.

Extend Patio Season with Fall Fire Pit Ideas

Warm summer evenings are beginning to dwindle, and the crisp fall air is right around the corner.

If you are anything like me, the patio is my place of peace and relaxation. After a long day, I can’t wait to unwind on my patio with my husband and pup. 

Ohio evenings in late August and early September turn chilly fast as summer gives way to fall. One way I extend my patio season right into fall is with a patio heater.

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There are several ways to heat your outdoor space to extend the patio season long into fall. Read on for 7 great fire pit and patio heater ideas to extend your patio season, too.

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1: Wood-burning fire pit

Fall Patio Season Fire Pit

This fall, grab a hoodie, marshmallows, and a few hot dogs then gather family and friends around a wood-burning fire pit

Wood-burning fire pits produce a good amount of heat and are an excellent choice for cooking food as they do not have a gas smell like propane heaters. In addition, wood-burning fire pits get hotter and will help cook food more evenly and faster. 

Looking to party at the beach or a friend’s house? Check out the Sunnydaze Rustic Cast Iron Fire Pit Bowl with Stand. It has easy-to-carry handles making it a perfect portable fire pit to take to campgrounds, the beach, or a friend’s house.

Make sure to grab some fun fire pit accessories like these:

  • Marshmallow roasting skewers
  • Fire poker
  • Log claw grabber

Pro tip: Stay prepared for any impromptu fire pit party by having firewood on hand. Store your excess firewood in a great-looking rack like this one from Sunnydaze.

Pro tip: Invest in a heavy-duty firewood log cart with wheels to make trips to and from the fire pit much easier on the back and shoulders. This handy cart makes moving firewood much easier. 

2. Extend patio season with a propane fire pit 

In the last few years, propane fire pits have become the perfect addition to any patio decor. 

There are so many ways to incorporate a propane fire pit on the patio or deck such as:

  • Dining table with the center as a propane fire pit
  • Freestanding propane fire pits
  • Patio conversation set with middle fire pit 

Whether incorporating it into the patio table itself, for ambiance with a meal, or in the middle of a conversation patio set – there are so many choices.

3: Electric patio heater lamp

Looking to heat a small portion of the deck for one to two people? Then consider investing in an electric patio heater lamp.

Although this patio heater doesn’t warm more than a few feet, it is quite simple to use. Since it doesn’t require fire or propane, only an outlet, it’s ideal for a quick fix on a cold night.

In addition, there is no need to worry about fire being on wood decks, because this patio heater doesn’t need lit or have the element of fire making it a perfect choice for decks.

Pro tip: Make sure to keep the electric patio heater lamp away from the house’s siding. I learned that the hard way when my siding partially melted at my previous house.

4: Extend patio season with a freestanding propane patio heater with wheels

When the temperature plummets on the patio, and you need to warm a large space, add a freestanding propane heater with wheels. Providing both style and function, this heater can be moved easily near who needs it the most. 

Consider investing in an outdoor propane patio heater like this one from Sunnydaze. It’s powered by propane and produces 47,000 BTUs. 

Bonus: It comes with an outdoor cover to protect the heater from all the elements when it’s not in use.

5: Tabletop propane patio heater

A junior version of the freestanding propane heater, the tabletop version is on a smaller scale. While it will keep friends and family cozy and warm on a crisp fall evening it doesn’t produce quite as much heat. If heating a smaller amount of space, consider this Tabletop Propane Patio Heater that produces 11,000 BTUs and features an automatic shutoff for safety. 

6. Ceiling-mounted electric heating lamp

Geared for porches with a roof, the ceiling-mounted electric heating lamp is great for both ambiance and function.

The ceiling-mounted electric heating lamp hangs by a chain above providing a functional heating source. 

Powered by electricity, this type of heating lamp is low on odor making it great for those allergy sufferers who can’t be around a wood-burning firepit.

7: Wall-mounted infrared heater to extend patio season

Easily secure a wall-mounted infrared heater to any exterior wall for steady, silent, and high-powered heat. These quiet heaters are often controlled with a remote for ease of use. Generally, waterproof these can make a great addition to any patio without the need for fire or propane to keep warm on a cold, fall evening. 

Final thoughts

To extend your patio season this fall make sure to grab a fire pit or patio heater lamp to stay cozy and warm all season.

Your turn! What kind of outdoor heater or fire pit are you thinking of getting this fall? Let me know in the comments!

18 thoughts on “Extend Patio Season with Fall Fire Pit Ideas”

  1. This is brilliant, and I’m hoping to do this here in Oregon too. Summer always feels so short, it would be nice to be able to enjoy the patio well into fall!

    1. Hi Jen! I agree summer feels so short here in Ohio, too. I hope you can enjoy more patio time in Oregon this fall.

    2. Hi Sarah! I love patio time and can’t wait to keep enjoying it long into fall. I hope you can as well.

    1. Hi Lina! I’m so glad you enjoyed the article and learned of all the patio heating and fire pit options. Thank you for your comment!

  2. Perfect timing as we’re starting to upgrade our old firepit and looking for good ideas!

    1. Hi McDaniel! I hope your fire pit is amazing for the fall season! Thank you for reading!

  3. We’re hoping to have a patio built this fall, and have been talking about different fire pits. My husband is leaning towards wood while I like the convenience of propane. I enjoyed reading about all the other options that we haven’t considered. xo Nipa

    1. Hi Nipa! You will love having a way to extend your patio season long into fall. Whichever you choose, I hope you enjoy a wood burning fire pit or propane. Thank you for reading.

  4. Aren’t these all lovely. Would love one in my garden too, although not good weather in Autumn in the uk xx jacqui

    1. Hi Jacqui! Fire pits are perfect in the garden! I hope you can add one in a future season. Thank you for reading.

  5. I found this blog so helpful given I am renovating the outside of my house a bit for this coming fall! You gave great ideas, thanks for posting!!

    1. Hi Sherri! I’m so glad you found helpful tips for renovating your outside for fall in the blog. Thank you for reading!

    1. Hi Rosemary! Fall is almost here! I hope you enjoy some evenings around a fire pit. Thanks for reading!

  6. Great ideas. We’ve tried a few of them over the years, and are looking forward to warmer days when we can get outside and enjoy them again.

    1. Hi Cat!

      I hope you can get to enjoy some fire pit patio time soon! Thanks for reading!

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