10 Best Small Living Room Ideas With Fireplace and TV

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If your home has a small living room, you know how challenging it can be to style a tiny space while making it feel warm, cozy, and inviting. However, look no further because we’ve got you covered on small living room ideas with fireplace and TV to transform your living room layout into a cozy living room.

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Whether you have a home, condo, or apartment, when dealing with smaller living rooms, the lack of square footage and sense of space can make it challenging to add a personal touch, seating arrangement options, as well as furniture arrangement ideas.

In addition, it becomes difficult to create an ambiance that feels like home while still styling the furniture layout, decor accessories, a traditional fireplace, and TV placement.

To help get the most out of your limited space, we’ve outlined the easiest way to style a small living room with the best ideas to include a beautiful fireplace as well as small living room TV ideas to make your room look like the center of attention and the best living space.

From adding pops of color to the small room to incorporating plenty of natural light, these tips will help you transform your tiny living room, or family room, into a cozy retreat all with the perfect accessories, living room furniture, accent chairs, a coffee table, a great color palette, furniture pieces, and some small living room fireplace ideas.

When my husband and I purchased our new-to-us 1960s home, it was apparent the living room was going to be a challenge to style, but we were determined to come up with some favorite small living room ideas to include a modern fireplace into our small living room design ideas.

With a semi-open concept floor plan, not much space, and without any type of fireplace – we knew we had to get creative with our room designs.

After styling our small living room to incorporate furniture, decor, and a fireplace design, I have quite a few ideas and a clever way to help make your living room the perfect space and add a modern twist.

If you are like us, your living room is likely the center stage of your home and used as a TV room in addition to a living area.

The living room is where we spend the majority of our time.

Because of the high usage, we wanted the sitting room to feel cozy and relaxing while also featuring a fireplace and tv with light colors and utilizing as much floor space as possible.

So, if you’re looking for small living room ideas with fireplace and TV – you’ve come to the right place!

Let’s get into it!

1. Select Some Neutral Colors For Small Living Room

When decorating your small living room, you may want to consider using neutral colors to help counteract the feeling of less space.

This will help to tie the room together and provide a cohesive aesthetic while helping make the entire room feel larger. 

The best way to achieve an open feel is to consider adding mostly white walls, for a bright, light feel.

In addition, you could also paint an entire wall with neutral colors that tend to make a small space feel larger.

To help make my small living room feel larger, I found it to be a good idea to keep taupe, white, and beige as my primary wall and border colors in the rest of the room. 

Note: By alternating the colors throughout the space, it helps to keep a more open and airier feel while not being all one color. If you paint the opposite wall a light color the other wall could be the right place to try another color.

2. Tie the Space Together with Textures

To bring cohesiveness to your small living room the best option would be to incorporate textures throughout the space. 

For example, a neutral color rug will be a focal point of the room and will help tie the space together and provide comfort and warmth.

Whether you select an area rug or carpeting, make sure the color scheme is neutral to not make the room feel small.

Many interior design ideas recommend lighter colors to make the room feel like there is enough space.

Another option is to consider an area rug or runner to help tie the room together and provide a surface that looks great even if it’s a small, long room.

3. Curtains Add Function and Style to a Small Living Room

Another option is to consider adding curtains to help provide more cohesiveness to the room.

This will also help tie in the textures and color scheme as well as provide privacy and style.   

A great example of this is that we chose to do a combination of white mini-blinds and tied curtains with a metal tie for style and simplicity that was styled after seeing many beautiful living rooms on Pinterest.

Since we enjoy privacy at night, but the beautiful view of the outdoors during the day, we found this combination of mini-blinds and curtains to be perfect for our small living room.

4. Try Adding Pops of Color

Although neutral colors will create a more open feel to a small living room, adding some pops of bright color will certainly make the space feel fresher and make it feel like there really is so much room.

To try this trend, add some fresh and fun artwork above the fireplace wall, or tv unit, or maybe some fun accessories on the end tables that pop in color.

In addition, you can also consider adding throw pillows to add a pop of color while still making the small living room feel cozy.

These are always great to have on the couch while enjoying your favorite movies or favorite show in front of the television set.

Another option is to add throw blankets that are a vibrant hue to your couch and other pieces of furniture.

This will help to tie the room together while also creating a cozy and fresh feel. 

Additionally, using colored lighting can also be a great way to add pops of color to your small living room.

This will help to create an ambiance that is inviting and cozy. I have a color strip of lights under my TV stand that can be changed for the holidays or seasonally.

5. Keep it Bright and Airy with the Right Lighting

Natural lighting is key in any living room, but even more so in a small space.

To make the most of your natural light, you’ll likely want to place your furniture in such a way that it is directed toward the windows or at the least, not blocking them. 

small living room curtains

Strategically placing the furniture will allow the sun to stream in through the windows and illuminate the room so that even without a high ceiling – the room can feel bigger. 

When I styled my small living room, I kept all the furniture away from the windows to allow the most natural light in as possible.

I did try putting a couch against the window for a while but ultimately moved it for more natural light.

When I styled my small living room, I kept all the furniture away from the windows to allow the most natural light in as possible.

I did try putting a couch against the window for a while but ultimately moved it for more natural light.

In addition, when styling your small living room and when natural light is not available, you can add lamps or sconces.

We chose to add a few lamps that double as end tables.

Although we don’t have an overhead lighting option in our small living room, you could add an overhead light with a dimmer.

We are considering this option since it will allow the ability to adjust the brightness of the lighting depending on the time of day and ambiance we are hoping for.

6. Take a Seat on Some Cozy Furniture

If your living room is small, selecting furniture can be a real challenge. Make sure you don’t select furniture that can be too large for the space.

This can be accomplished with a small sofa and a few chairs or perhaps if you have the space, a sectional couch can be a great option.

A sectional can be used as a comfy couch while keeping a small living room open feeling.

In addition to these cozy furniture options, you can also consider lounging chairs and ottomans, which can be used as additional seating and provide a great place to rest your feet while still conserving space. 

Once you’ve created a seating area, you’ll want to make sure you’re keeping the space organized.

This can be done with baskets or storing items underneath the sofa or chairs.

7. Add Some Storage for Style and Function

Since we’re styling a small living room, it’s imperative to utilize your space wisely and make all furniture do double duty.

This can be achieved with built-in shelves, decorative storage pieces, and storage ottomans

To create even more additional storage space, consider a wall-mounted TV set that has storage cabinets underneath.

8. Hang Some Memories and Artwork on the Wall

Another great way to add style and function, as well as a personal touch, is to incorporate wall art, mirrors, and personal photos. 

printable abstract wall art

Showcase your favorite family photos, pieces of artwork, or some mirrors to make the small living room have style and function with a personal feel. 

For added space, you can also try using a shadowbox to display collectibles and other items that you wish to showcase while conserving space.

In addition, you can also try mounting a small shelf or bookshelf for small items, such as photos and trinkets as well as customized artwork.

I also recommend hanging a large mirror to make the small living room appear larger.

This plays well with lighter rooms to keep an open and airy feeling space.

9. Incorporate Plants and Greenery for Style and Function 

Plants are a great way to bring life and color to a room and as a bonus, they can help to improve air quality. 

Adding a variety of different plants, including palms, ferns, and succulents will add style to any small living room. 

wall plants decor ideas mix and match plants

Keep in mind, when selecting the type of plant, the amount of light your small living room may get.

If you don’t have a lot of natural light, you can try using decorative baskets with fake flowers, ferns, or greenery.

10. Small Living Room Ideas with Fireplace and TV 

I saved my favorite suggestion for last.

As I mentioned earlier, our home does not have a built-in fireplace.

My husband and I desperately wanted to have a cozy place to relax in the small living room but were really struggling to figure out a solution. 

A quick trip over to Amazon and I started searching for anything that would work for my small living room to accommodate a fireplace and TV.

My goal was to find an electric fireplace that could warm the room while also adding somewhat of a fireplace mantel for decorating.

In addition, I didn’t want a corner fireplace design based on the size and design of my room.

I also wanted something that had a stone fireplace look while also featuring a wooden frame and a place for my frame TV.

After much search, I decided against any that had a brick fireplace look and opted for a stone look instead.

We purchased the Rolanstar Fireplace TV Stand with Led Lights and Power Outlets, TV Console for TVs up to 65″, and Entertainment Center with Adjustable Glass Shelves in White.

Our purchase has been a great one and I love that there is a front of the fireplace and also a side of the fireplace for a more natural look.

My husband and I couldn’t be happier with the fire place selection.

It created everything I was looking for and featured amenities like:

Final thoughts

Now that you know how to decorate your small living room, it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy your newly decorated space!

I hope you are able to enjoy and use some of my small living room ideas with a fireplace and TV.

I love my fireplace and mantle combo and find it really enhances our small living room.

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Your turn

Do you have small living room ideas with a fireplace and TV to share? How do you decorate your space? Let me know in the comments!


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