7 Tips to Throw a Cheap Football House Party

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Football season is here and that means it’s time to throw a cheap football house party. 

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There’s something about watching sports with friends and family in a comfortable setting that makes it even more enjoyable.

You have the opportunity to cheer for your favorite team and hang out with your friends and family, all at the same time.

However, if you’ve ever thrown a football house party, you know how costly it can be.

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There’s cleaning, prep work, cooking, drinks…and all while trying to stay within a football party budget.

But if you follow these 7 tips on how to host an amazing budget-friendly football house party, the stress will be minimal, and you won’t leave any of your guests wanting more.

At my house, football is a staple. I love spending the afternoon and evening watching hours and hours of football.

However, it’s always so much better when we host friends and family to watch the games at our house. 

After quite a few football house parties, I’ve created 7 tips for throwing a fabulous football house party on a budget.

1. Start with a Clean and Organized House

The first step to throwing a fabulous football house party is making sure your home is clean and organized.

Be sure to grab tons of budget-friendly stuff to clean and organize your home.

Cleaning for Football House Party

Focus on cleaning the food service area as well as the bathroom. To make sure your home sparkles stock up on the following:

While you’re shopping pick up the following for the guest bathroom:

2. Add Football Theme Decorations

Who wants to come to a dull, boring party? No one! Make sure your football house party is fully decorated with all the fan favorites.

There are several ideas to decorate your home for the football party like:

  • Decorate with your favorite football team’s logo, memorabilia, and collectibles. You could also take themed decorations from both teams and create a half-and-half party …one side of the party is one team’s decorations while the competing team is the other. 

(My family hosts Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cleveland Browns parties and it’s fun to decorate with both to represent each team equally.)

  • Stick with a football theme – not a team theme. This means, using the football field itself as the inspiration and creating the decor around the field, football, and a football stadium.

Some football theme party decor ideas:

    3. Load Up on Lots of Snack Stations

    Make sure to load up on tons of football snacks. Nothing says football like tons of snacks. Use fun and football-themed containers for added fun!

    Football Party Apps

    Also, make sure to place a variety of snacks all around the house. Wherever your guests are enjoying the game, make sure the snacks are within reach. 

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    4. DIY Drink Stations

    Don’t let your friends and family stay thirsty long at your football house party.

    Grab lots of soda, beer, tea, and coffee. Make sure a cooler or refrigerator is easy for your guests to locate and serve themselves. 

    However, if you want the football house party to stand apart from all the other parties….add a DIY cocktail bar.

    Your guests can make their favorite football-themed cocktail. 

    Drink station idea for football party

    Stock the DIY drink station with:

    5. Go Heavy on the Apps

    A football house party is never complete without fun appetizers. The sky is the limit when it comes to fun football-themed appetizers. Grab fun containers and go all out with great appetizers.

    Football party food

    Some football fan favorites include:

    • Smoked Sausage Cubes
    • Sliced Turkey
    • Pork
    • Pepperoni Bread
    • Cheesy Pull-Apart Bread
    • Artichoke Spinach Dip
    • Hot Corn and Cheese Dip
    • Loaded Baked Potato Dip
    • Buffalo Chicken Dip

    For more fun dip ideas and some of these recipes check out Pinterest and make sure to grab all your budget-friendly.

    6. Don’t Skimp on the Tunes

    Although the big game is the focus of the event, make sure to have music going on in the other rooms of the home such as the food service area.

    This will create a fun, party vibe throughout the house.

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    7. Serve Fun Football Theme Food

    Although your football party guests might be full of snacks and appetizers – tell them to save room for the main event. 

    Football Fun Food Ideas

    Although wings and pizza often steal the show, these football-themed ideas are winners, too. Check out Southside Market & Barbeque for fresh from the pit BBQ right to your door.

    Check these out for winning football party food:

    southside market meat

    To grab recipes and more football party food inspiration visit Pinterest.

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    Final Thoughts

    I am beyond excited that football season has arrived. I can’t wait to welcome friends and family to my home to watch all the football.

    Your turn!

    What is your favorite football party tradition? Are you hosting a party this year? What is your favorite budget-friendly football party tip? Let me know in the comments!

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        I hope you enjoy the upcoming season and found some ideas for throwing a cheap football house party.

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    7. Football season is here! Love to hang out with friends and watch the games. You shared some excellent football house party ideas. Definitely can have football without food and liquor; I love the shot glasses.

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    11. These are all such great ideas! I’ve been dipping my foot back into home entertainment and we love, love, love our football! Hopefully many, many parties to come!

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    12. You have really given some great ideas ~ especially for those of us who are uncomfortable throwing a party!

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      1. Hi Cat!

        Although I’ve never watched rugby, I would bet a fun Rugby party could be similar to a football house party. It’s always a fun time to watch football with family and friends. Hopefully you can watch a football game soon!

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    15. Rosemary Davis

      Thanks for sharing your fantastic football party tips! Living in a major university town, the University of Florida, football parties are a part of life every fall.


      1. Hi Rosemary!

        I bet you have hosted your fair share of football house parties in Florida! Hopefully, you got a few tips for this fall football season hosting, too!

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    16. Throwing a cheap football house party is easy with Dollar Tree! I appreciate the inspiration. Thank you for all of the great hosting ideas.

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        I love The Dollar Tree and it’s my go-to for cheap football house party planning. I’m excited you found inspiration from the post and hope you get to enjoy some football parties this season.

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    18. Debbie, I’m originally from Cleveland. Funny thing is, my husband’s father used to take his kids from western NY state to Cleveland to see the Browns all the time! Thanks for a great post on how to host a football party!

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        I’m not too far from Cleveland and we have lots of Browns fans in our family as well! Glad you liked the cheap football house party tips post!

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        I love to throw a great and cheap football house party and really find football theme decorations add something extra to the party!

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        Great music is the key to every party – even when the focus is on a football house party – tunes make the event fun!

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    21. I love the idea of snack and drink “stations”. It’s all about the food for me anyway, so having it conveniently located wherever you are is a win!

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        I love a great food and drink party and enjoy adding the mix to a football house party, too.

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      I love this cheap football house party idea list! My husband is a huge football fan, and I’ll use these ideas for a football party. This is great for Super Bowl is coming up!

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      I’ve never thought about what all goes into a really good football watch party. Aside from the best food of course, lol! Anyway, this was all really good advice, especially about the decorations and self serving bar. This’ll one in handy if I ever need a reference on it! Thanks for sharing this with us!

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      We love football at my house – almost as much as we love saving money! Thanks for the great tips. I needed to be more creative in my decor.

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