18 Easy Steps to Kitchen Cabinet Painting

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Are your kitchen cabinets dated, ugly, stained, or just not the right color? Then paint your kitchen cabinets today with 18 easy and cost-effective kitchen cabinet painting steps.

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It’s often said that the kitchen is the nucleus of the house.

A kitchen is a place of family gatherings, food, joy, and togetherness.

If your kitchen doesn’t have the right vibe or style, then it’s time to upgrade.

One of the first things my husband and I did after we purchased our new-to-us 1960s home was to upgrade the kitchen. 

before kitchen cabinet painting

After our moving expenses, we didn’t have a ton of money to throw at a full-fledged kitchen upgrade.

After researching inexpensive ways to brighten a kitchen, the cabinets were first on the kitchen renovation list.

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kitchen cabinet painting before and after

Below you’ll find out the easiest upgrade ideas and step-by-step instructions on kitchen cabinet painting.

So – let’s get into it!

Step 1: Select the Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color

There are so many color choices to brighten a kitchen or darken it depending on the goals of the homeowner.

pick the paint color

When we purchased our home, the kitchen cabinets were a 1960s dark walnut wood that made the room look small and drab. 

I wanted to brighten the kitchen and dreamed of bright white kitchen cabinets to make the kitchen look bigger and brighter.  

after kitchen cabinet painting (2)

Popular kitchen cabinet paint choices include:

  • Driftwood (light grey)
  • Celadon (greenish blue)
  • Cocoa (bronze-ish/brown)
  • Navy Blue (darker blue)
  • Titanium (white)

Step 2: Choose the Right Type of Kitchen Cabinet Paint

There are several types of paint available but only certain ones are advised for kitchen cabinets.

kitchen cabinet painting on cabinets

Paint types:

  • Gloss
  • Semi-gloss
  • Satin

Since my husband and I were complete newbies when it came to painting kitchen cabinets, I ordered an all-in-one kit by Nuvo in the platinum (white) color

The Nuvo Kitchen Cabinet Painting Kit made our lives easy since it had almost everything we needed. 

I love the Nuvo Kitchen Cabinet Paint so much that I also repainted my kitchen table and chair legs to match the newly painted kitchen cabinets.

kitchen table painting

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The Nuvo Cabinet Painting Kit made by Giani Granite features:

Step 3: Check Off Your Supply List

To make sure we had everything we needed I made a supply list.

Although the Nuvo Kitchen Cabinet Painting Kit contained many of the necessary supplies, we purchased a few additional items to make the process easier.

kitchen cabinet painting paint and brushes

Kitchen cabinet painting supply list:

Step 4: Clean Out Cupboards

Although it’s not completely necessary to empty the contents of the cabinets, it’s advised.

Even the most careful painter can occasionally slip up and paint a wrong area or spill. 

kitchen cabinet painting up close

To be on the safe side, removing all contents will ensure nothing gets damaged in the kitchen cabinet painting process.

In addition, the cabinets could potentially be out of use for a couple of days, so having access to cabinet contents could be needed during that time frame.

Step 5: Apply Drop Cloths or Painters’ Plastic to Kitchen Floors, Appliances, Counters, and Backsplash

Make sure to protect your kitchen. Although I did my best to be extra careful, I did spill and dribble paint on the countertops, floors, backsplash, and appliances.

Thank goodness I laid out clear painter’s plastic across the floors, countertops, backsplash, and appliances to protect everything from wayward paint.

I did add some clear tape to make sure the painter’s plastic didn’t move around during the kitchen cabinet painting process.

Step 6: Use Painter’s Tape to Tape Off Non-Painted Areas

Be sure to apply a good painter’s tape (I used Frog Tape) to protect areas of the walls that aren’t being painted.

I accidentally skimped on this step at first and got some paint above the cabinets and down the sides of them on the wall itself.

(Thankfully, we were able to find touch-up paint from the previous owners.)

Don’t make the mistake I did, make sure to tape off any area of the kitchen walls that you don’t want to accidentally apply the kitchen cabinet paint.

Step 7: Remove Cabinet Hinges and Pulls

Moving along with the kitchen cabinet painting prep work, remove all hardware with a toolkit like this one to take off kitchen cabinet pulls.

Pro tip: Create a designated box to keep all screws, pulls, knobs, and hinges in one area. Use clear tape to secure screws to the individual pulls or hinges.

Step 8: Degrease Kitchen Cabinets with Windex

As part of the prep work for kitchen cabinet painting, make sure to properly degrease the cabinets

Degreasing the cabinets is an imperative step.

If you were to apply kitchen cabinet paint overtop of grease, the paint would not properly adhere to the surface creating chips, cracks, and peeling.

When I degreased, I used Windex and a paper towel. I carefully went over all sides and surfaces of the kitchen cabinets with the degreaser and paper towels.

Step 9: Begin Sanding Kitchen Cabinets

Probably the absolute most important step in kitchen cabinet painting is sanding.

Now I know there are some kitchen cabinet painting kits out there that boast “no sanding necessary.”

I checked and saw that the Nuvo Kitchen Cabinet Painting Kit did suggest light sanding. I was good with this as I figured the paint would adhere better since my cabinets were from the 1960s.

In general, paint has a difficult time adhering to smooth and shiny surfaces as well as older woods.

I used a few different grit sandpaper types as well as a sanding block.

Use 100 or 150- grit sandpaper to start then go over the area again at the end with 220-grit sandpaper.

The sanding block was great for the middle of the cabinets as it didn’t tire my arms and hands out as much as the sandpaper.

Step 10: Degrease Kitchen Cabinets Again

After sanding, degreasing again is imperative. 

The second round of degreasing with Windex and paper towels removes all the sanding residue as well as any dirt and grime that was unearthed.

If you paint before degreasing again the paint will not adhere to the cabinets.

Step 11: Open the Paint Can and Mix Paint

The next thing to prep before kitchen cabinet painting is getting the paint ready. 

Open the can of paint using: 

To remove the lid off the paint can gently pry the edging with one of the tools above.

Slip the edge of the tool (whichever one is chosen) under the lip and lift upward (slowly) then move to another area and lift again until the lid eventually pops off. 

Pro tip: Be careful when the lid pops off as there could be some paint on it.

Once the paint can is opened, now is the time to mix it.

Mixing the paint is important as paint components, can and often do, separate. 

To prepare the paint, gently use a paint mixing tool (such as a wooden stick) to churn the paint. 

Step 12: Layout Paint Brushes and Rollers

The final prep step of kitchen cabinet painting is to assemble the painting tools.

I added a drop cloth to a counter and created a staging area for all my supplies.

kitchen cabinet painting brushes

I laid out all my brushes as well as the rollers in order of size.

By organizing my paintbrushes, I could easily switch from one brush to another quickly while painting. 

Pro tip: Make sure to have a drop cloth where the paint brushes will lay to make sure paint doesn’t drip or spill on the kitchen cabinet painting staging area.

Step 13: Begin Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Let the games begin! The time-consuming prep work is now complete and it’s time for the fun part – painting the kitchen cabinets.

There are lots of ways to apply paint to the kitchen cabinets such as using a paint roller or a paintbrush. 

kitchen cabinet painting on cabinets

Although a paint roller can apply paint more quickly, I didn’t like the textured look that it produced.

I used brushes for the entire kitchen cabinet painting process to have a cohesive and fluid look.

Step 14: Try Different Paint Brush Sizes

Depending on the style of the kitchen cabinet, different brush sizes may be necessary. 

I purchased a few different size brushes but found I primarily used a thick brush and a thin, fine-tip brush.

  • Thick brush: I used a thick brush for the middle and edges of my kitchen cabinets. 
  • Thin brush: My cabinets had a recessed area around the middle and edging that required a fine-tip brush to apply the paint. Using the thin brush, I was able to really get in the grooves to adhere to the paint properly.

Pro tip: Be very careful to avoid paint drips. These are where too much paint was applied to the kitchen cabinet and the paint starts running down the cabinet door. To avoid this, carefully add paint to the brush in small batches.

Step 15: Don’t Worry About the First Coat Being Thin

Since my kitchen is on the smaller side, I don’t have a ton of cabinets. The first coat took me a little over an hour to apply. 

I will say, I started to second-guess myself after I completed the first coat.

I was so sure that I ruined my cabinets and made an irreversible mistake painting the kitchen cabinets. 

kitchen cabinet painting pictures

My advice – don’t worry! Seriously, this is important. Do not get upset that the kitchen cabinets are not looking good yet.

It will be ok! I wish someone had told me about this right around step 15!

Step 16: Apply a Second Coat of Paint to the Kitchen Cabinets

After allowing ample drying time, it’s now time to apply a second coat of paint to the kitchen cabinets. 

Try to apply the same brush strokes and similar painting style as the first coat.

Basically, if the paint strokes were up and down on the first coat, do that again.

This will allow the cabinets to maintain a cohesive look. 

Step 17: Apply a Third Coat of Paint to the Kitchen Cabinets

Here we go again!

Basically, we’re just repeating step 16. 

After third coat of kitchen cabinet paint

Make sure you allow ample drying time after the second coat and maintain consistency with brush strokes and the overall kitchen cabinet paint application.

Step 18: Reattach Hardware to Kitchen Cabinets

We’re almost done! Yay! 

After the third coat is fully dry, it’s time to reattach the hardware.

Grab that box of all the hardware and sort it out to make sure the proper pulls and hinges go with the right cabinets.

budget kitchen upgrade appliances

Due to the age and quality, we decided to scrap the existing cabinet pulls and upgrade to new ones.

This made life so much easier as we were able to scrap the old pulls and have brand-new ones ready to go.

Easy steps to repaint kitchen cabinets pin 2

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Final Thoughts

To upgrade kitchen cabinets by painting in 18 steps, we picked a color scheme, selected the proper paint, cleaned out the cupboards, prepped the area with painters tarps, added painter’s tape to protect the walls, degreased the cabinets, sanded them, then degreased again, opened the can of paint and mixed it, applying the paint to the cabinets with different brushes, let the paint dry before applying a second and third coat of paint then finally re-attached the hardware. 

after kitchen cabinet painting

Your turn!

What color of kitchen cabinet paint are you thinking is best? Are you planning a kitchen cabinet painting project soon? Let me know in the comments!

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