20 Guest Bedroom Essentials: What You Need to Make Your Room Guest-Worthy

Guest bedroom essentials ideas
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Thinking about hosting family or a friend for the night, or maybe even an extended stay? It’s important to make them feel comfortable, which is why it’s a great idea to check off all the guest bedroom essentials needed for a great stay. 

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It can be both exciting and nerve-wracking to have guests coming over to your home.

Making sure your guests feel at home will make you look like a gracious host, and everyone have a great stay.

In order for your guest to have everything they need during their stay; you must first ensure that your guest bedroom is equipped with all the necessary essentials.

Keep reading for some helpful suggestions on how you can transform your guest bedroom into an oasis of comfort and relaxation.

1. Add Helpful Signs Around the Home

Helpful signs can help guests navigate your home and find the bathrooms and guest bedrooms. This is especially helpful if your home is large or has many rooms. 

In addition, you can also use signage to tell your guests about any rules or regulations that you may have in your home. For example, you may have a “no shoes” rule or an “off-limits room” rule. 

Providing this information helps to keep your guests in the loop with the rules of the home. 

If your guest bedroom is on a different floor from the main entrance, you can place a sign by the stairwell or elevator with a map of your home so your guests can easily navigate to the correct rooms.

In addition, place a Wi-Fi login information sign with a password for your guests to easily access. 

2. Have a Guest Bedroom Essentials Welcome Basket

When you have guests, you want them to feel welcome in your home, and a welcome basket is an excellent way to accomplish this. 

A welcome basket can include various items that will help your guests feel comfortable and at home.

Not only is a welcome basket a nice gesture but also a practical one. It can save your guests the time of having to run to the nearest store to pick up essential items that may be difficult to find. 

Providing a welcome basket is also a great way to show your appreciation to your guests for taking the time to visit you.

One inexpensive way to prepare a welcome guest basket is on Amazon.

Check out the latest deals here.

Consider adding the following essentials to your welcome basket:

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3. Assign a Bathroom for Your Guests

If you have guests who will be staying for any period of time, it would be a great idea to assign them their own bathroom.

They will enjoy the privacy and feel more at home and comfortable while visiting.

Upgrade Guest Bathroom

However, a designated guest bathroom may not be possible, in this case, you can simply place a privacy sign on the bathroom door for your guests to use so they will feel more additional comfort.

4. Provide Special Fluffy Towels and Washcloths

To make sure your guests feel as comfortable as possible in your home, provide them with a set of fresh and fluffy towels and washcloths.

In addition, make sure they have several sets of bathroom towels and washcloths for the length of their stay. 

5. Grab Luxury Spa Bathrobes

Guest Cozy Bathrobe

For a welcoming treat, your guests will love, invest in a luxurious bathrobe. This is especially helpful if the guest bathroom is not connected to the guest bedroom.

6. Have a Cozy Mattress

There are many things to keep in mind when preparing your guest room. One of the most important is the mattress

While it may be tempting to put your old mattress in the guest bedroom, that may not be the best idea.

A mattress can be susceptible to collecting dust mites and other allergens, which could cause discomfort for your guests. 

Even if you have a hypoallergenic mattress, it could still be too firm for some people’s taste.

In addition, mattresses lose support over time making them uncomfortable for your guests.

If you need help shopping for a new mattress, check out my step-by-step guide on mattress shopping here.

7. Provide Great Linens and Blankets

For a comfortable and luxurious sleep, make sure to upgrade the linens to a quality set.

A high thread count, breathable set of sheets will delight your guests and make them have a great sleep. 

guest bedroom

In addition, provide several choices of blankets of varying thicknesses and weights.

Each visitor may have a different sleeping temperature, and this will add to their comfort.

8. Have Multiple Pillow Choices

Once the mattress, sheets, and blankets are selected upgrade your guest bedroom pillow choices

Not all sleepers are the same so having multiple choices of pillows available will be helpful to your guests. 

Guest Bedroom Pillows

Consider providing different height lofts of pillows to achieve proper neck alignment for your guests.

Some popular pillow choices:

9. Protect the Mattress Against Allergens and Stains

Mattress protectors are essential to keep the sleep surface clean, free of dust mites, and help reduce allergens. 

Since your guests may have varying health concerns, protecting your mattress against stains and accidents is essential. 

In addition, make sure to invest in a mattress protector that is allergy free for those guests with medical issues and needs.

10. Install Guest Bedroom Room Darkening Blinds

Darkening blinds or curtains are an excellent investment for your guest bedroom, especially if your room gets a lot of sunlight. 

Many types of darkening blinds can be adjusted to let out as much or as little light as necessary.

This will allow your guests to control the lighting in the room and also create a soothing environment for sleeping. 

bedroom room darkening curtains

If your guests have different sleeping patterns, darkening blinds are also beneficial to allow them to go to sleep earlier or sleep in longer.

I love the NICETOWN 100% Blackout Curtains Thermal, Noise Reduction, and Privacy Curtains for Patio Door, Black Lined Blackout Drapes with Grommet Top in Cappuccino (pictured above.) They are amazing. Check them out on Amazon.

11. Provide Night Lights and Bedside Lamps

To make sure your guests are comfortable and safe, provide choices of lighting.

This may include nightlights or a dimmable bedside lamp.

12. Offer a Guest Bedroom Luggage Rack

To make sure your guest(s) can comfortably stow their luggage, invest in a luggage rack. 

Providing a luggage rack is a simple, cost-effective way to show your guests they are welcome and can easily unpack (then repack later) after a long trip. 

Luggage racks often fold so they can be put away when not in use but provide a wonderful amenity to the guest.

13. Add a Storage Bench

A storage bench is a perfect addition to any guest room.

You can use it to store extra bedding, guest towels, and other essentials that your guests may need while they are visiting. 

In addition, a storage bench will also help to keep your guest room looking clean and uncluttered while providing a place for your guests to put things that are out of the way. 

If you have a bench with drawers, you can also use it to store additional items such as books, magazines, or other small household items.

This will help keep your guest room looking clean and tidy by removing items that would otherwise be out of place.

14. Provide a Full-Length Mirror

In years past, there was no guest room – it was the spare bedroom.

It often had limited furniture, and sometimes no mirror.

When guests come for holidays, visits, family or friend gatherings, or just everyday fun, they need to dress for the event.

Make sure they have a full-length mirror to look and feel their best.

15. Provide a Great Bedside Fan

Each guest sleeps at a different temperature.

To make sure your guest bedroom is at the proper temperature, add a high-quality bedside fan

16. Add a Sound Machine/Alarm Clock

To ensure your guests are comfortable and have a great sleep, invest in a sound machine/alarm clock.

The duet version will give your guests comforting sounds at night and the ability to set an alarm in the morning.

bedroom sunrise clock

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17. Provide a TV with a Remote Instruction Guide

Some TVs are difficult to understand, and the remotes are also a challenge.

Providing a TV in the guest bedroom is a wonderful addition, but make sure to provide a step-by-step instruction guide on the usage of the TV and coordinating remote.

18. Invest in a Guest Bedroom Iron and Ironing Board

For added accessibility, your guest may appreciate an iron and ironing board to freshen their garments after being packed. 

19. Note for a Midnight Snack or Morning Coffee and Breakfast

To provide your guests with the optimum comfort and to make them feel at home and welcome, provide them with information on morning coffee and breakfast.

Consider adding a welcome note in their guest bedroom that includes instructions on operating the coffee maker and where they can find something to eat or a midnight snack.

If you need to upgrade your coffee routine check out great coffee ideas from Amazon.

20. Provide a Local Guide

If your guests are visiting from another area and this is their first time visiting, provide a list of your favorite places around town. 

Guest Bedroom Essentials Local Guide

Things to add to a local guide:

  • Coffee shops
  • Local parks
  • Favorite shopping center
  • Local favorite restaurant
  • Pharmacy locations

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Final thoughts

Having a guest bedroom that is well-stocked, clean, and comfortable will make your guests feel welcome in your home. 

It is important to remember that having a guest bedroom does not mean that you must sacrifice your own comfort. You simply need to make sure you have everything you need to make your guest feel welcome. 

If you follow this guide, your guest bedroom will be ready to accommodate any guests who may stop by.

Your turn

Are you expecting guests soon? What is your favorite guest bedroom essential suggestion? Let me know in the comments!

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