Make Moving a Breeze With These 10 Stupid Simple Moving Tips

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If you have a move planned soon and searching for some stupid simple moving tips we’ve got you covered. Get ready to simplify your move with these brilliantly basic ideas that prove moving doesn’t have to be complicated.

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Packing up a home, condo, or apartment is often a chaotic, exhausting, and dreadful experience.

But I’m here to tell you – after a few moves of my own – it doesn’t have to be.

While the world was on a pandemic-induced lockdown in April 2020 – I was packing up my house and moving. 

Yep – my house was sold in early March of 2020, and it was a done deal.

While the rest of the world was quarantined and baking bread, finding new hobbies, and playing board games – my husband and I were moving.

With the uncertainty of the pandemic, we decided to hold off purchasing a home in 2020 and decided to rent for a year.

We would purchase a home when our lease ended.

We moved twice in a little over a year providing me with tons of simple and cheap moving tips to share with all of you.

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1. Trash Bags Are So Helpful on Moves

For an efficient moving tip, consider hanging trash bags over bundles of clothing to streamline the packing process.

Start by grouping your garments on hangers and securing them with rubber bands or twist ties.

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Then, place a large trash bag over the hanging clothes, making sure the hangers protrude through the bag’s opening at the top.

Gather the bag around the hangers and tie it at the top to create a makeshift garment bag.

This not only protects your clothing from dust and potential damage but also makes it easy to transport multiple items in a compact and organized manner.

By putting the handles at the top, it’s easy to hang the clothes when you arrive at the new place.

The hanging trash bag method is a simple yet effective way to streamline your packing, ensuring that your clothes arrive at your new destination ready to wear.

Pro tip: Keep hanger bundles no more than 10-15. More than this, the weight is difficult to manage, and the clothes tend to slip off.

Pro tip: Color coordinate clothes before bundling and keep pants and tops separate. This way your new closet is organized when you arrive.

2. Coffee Filters Make Great Moving Items

You’ll love the budget-friendly tip of using coffee filters for a moving tip.

Rather than investing in expensive packing materials, consider using coffee filters to protect your fragile items.

Their lightweight nature makes them ideal for wrapping delicate belongings such as dishes, glassware, or small trinkets.

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Simply sandwich each item between two coffee filters and secure them with tape.

The filters provide a protective barrier, preventing scratches and chips without adding bulk.

It’s a small but effective hack that adds an extra layer of cushioning to your valuables while keeping your moving costs in check.

  • Pro tip: When packing bowls, plates, and glass casserole dishes use about five coffee filters per item. Make sure to keep the coffee filters slightly separated and staggered. Doing this helps prevent the breakables from shifting and clanking while boxed.
  • Pro tip: Sectioning off water glasses, coffee cups, beer mugs, and wine glasses with coffee filters will help prevent shattered glass while boxed. I also recommend rolling a filter and sticking it inside to insulate even more.
  • Pro tip: Separate glass perfume bottles, makeup bottles, and personal items inside the box with coffee filters.
  • Pro tip: Use the coffee filters to create box dividers to insulate items on the top, bottom, and middle of boxes.

3. Plastic Bins Are a Moving Essential

Opting for clear plastic bins with lids is a game-changer when it comes to moving and simplifying the unpacking process.

The transparency of these bins allows you to easily see the contents inside, providing a quick visual reference for what’s packed.

This eliminates the need to open multiple boxes to find specific items, streamlining the unpacking phase.

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Additionally, the sturdy nature of clear plastic bins offers better protection for your belongings compared to cardboard boxes, especially for items susceptible to damage.

The convenience of stackability ensures efficient use of space in the moving truck and the new living space.

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, the clear bins effortlessly transition into storage solutions, making it easy to locate and retrieve items when needed.

This simple yet practical choice enhances organization, reduces stress, and transforms the unpacking process into a more efficient and hassle-free experience.

  • Pro tip: Make sure bins have secure handles that snap. This way if you are storing it in a basement or garage it will be secure and water-resistant.
  • Pro tip: Keep bins small and similar-sized. This will help with weight distribution and make moving easier and stacking simple at the new home.

4. Ziplock Bags Are the Perfect Moving Essential

Harness the convenience of Ziplock bags to streamline your moving process.

These versatile bags are invaluable for organizing and safeguarding small items during transit.

Categorize and pack items like screws, bolts, and other small hardware in labeled Ziplock bags, making it a breeze to reassemble furniture upon arrival.

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For toiletries and personal care items, Ziplock bags prevent spills and leaks, ensuring your essentials stay intact.

Clear bags allow for easy identification of contents, saving you time and effort when searching for specific items.

The airtight seal also protects belongings from dust and moisture.

Incorporating Ziplock bags into your moving strategy not only adds an extra layer of organization but also simplifies the unpacking process, making it an efficient and cost-effective solution for a smoother relocation experience.

  • Pro tip – Bag jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, and rings separately in clear Zip Lock bags. This makes it easier to unpack and see what the items are when you arrive at your new home. Plus, it prevents jewelry from tangling.
  • Pro tip – Keep a Zip Lock bag handy when furniture is being moved. Tiny screws, nuts, and bolts should be bagged and taped to the item for easy access when the furniture arrives at the new home.

5. Grab a Rolling Suitcase to Help with a Move

Opting for a rolling suitcase during a move offers a myriad of benefits that can significantly enhance the efficiency of the process.

The wheels provide effortless mobility, allowing you to transport a considerable amount of belongings with minimal physical strain.

Unlike traditional boxes, suitcases are designed to endure the rigors of travel, offering sturdier protection for your items.

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The compact, rectangular shape makes them easy to stack and maneuver, optimizing space in a moving vehicle.

Additionally, many luggage designs often feature a telescopic handle, making it convenient to pull or push your belongings.

This versatility extends beyond the move itself – your rolling suitcase seamlessly transitions into usable luggage for future travels, adding a practical and reusable element to your moving strategy.

  • Pro tip: Make sure to distribute weight evenly in a suitcase to prevent tipping over. Place the heaviest items at the bottom of the suitcase. In addition, keep heavier items near the back of the suitcase near the handle to prevent tip-overs.
  • Pro tip: Use straps around the outside and middle to prevent the suitcase from popping open.  
  • Pro tip: Label the contents of the suitcase and what room it’s going to at the new house.

6. Coolers Make Moving Day Easier

Incorporating a cooler into your moving day can be a practical and often overlooked solution.

Use it to keep perishable items, snacks, and beverages easily accessible throughout the moving process.

By packing a cooler with essentials, you ensure that you and your moving crew stay hydrated and fueled without the need for frequent stops.

It’s particularly handy for transporting items that may be sensitive to temperature changes, such as certain foods or medications.

stupid simple moving tips for a couple

Plus, having a cooler at the ready means you can keep a selection of chilled beverages, providing a refreshing break amidst the inevitable hustle of moving day.

The cooler serves as a mobile refreshment station, offering a convenient and cost-effective way to maintain energy levels and keep everyone in good spirits during the often demanding moving process.

7. Prepare the Mattress for a Move

Investing in mattress bags for moving mattresses and box springs is a great decision that pays off in terms of protection and cleanliness.

These specially designed bags provide a durable shield against dust, dirt, and potential damage during the moving process.

Constructed from sturdy materials, mattress bags act as a barrier, safeguarding your bedding from stains, tears, and moisture.

stupid simple moving tips for moving day

The transparent design allows for easy identification, ensuring the right mattress reaches the intended room in your new home.

Mattress bags also simplify the loading and unloading process, preventing snagging or scratching against other items.

These protective covers offer peace of mind, preserving the hygiene and longevity of your mattresses and box springs throughout the entire moving journey.

8. Check and Secure Your Dresser Drawers Before Moving Day

Be sure to check with the movers well in advance of moving day to see what their policy is on removing items from drawers.

Simply pull the dresser drawer out, layer the clear wrap over it, and shut the drawer.

This transparent plastic wrap adheres securely to the drawer, preventing the contents from sliding out while staying organized and protected during transit.

This method not only saves time in packing and unpacking but also eliminates the need to empty and reorganize dresser drawers.

The tight seal provided by the wrap acts as a secure barrier against dust, scratches, and potential damage, offering a convenient and cost-effective solution to simplify the moving process while keeping your belongings secure and readily accessible upon arrival.

9. Prepare an Overnight Bag for Moving Day and Night

Creating a “first night in the new home” bag is a thoughtful and practical strategy to ensure a smooth transition and a comfortable start in your new home.

Pack this bag with essential items such as:

  • Toiletries
  • Change of clothes
  • Important documents
  • Chargers
  • Basic kitchen supplies
  • Medications

By having these necessities easily accessible, you eliminate the stress of searching through boxes during your first night.

Include a few comforts, like bedding, a favorite stuffed animal, or a mug, to make your initial evening more familiar and cozy.

Be sure to pack a first night in the new home bag for each member of the family.

stupid simple moving tips to celebrate with

This preparation not only streamlines the first night but also sets a positive tone for the days ahead, allowing you to settle into your new home with ease and convenience.

  • Pro tip: If working or school is happening within a day or two of the move, be sure to pack an outfit that’s easy to find for each family member.
  • Pro tip: Place children’s and pets’ favorite toys inside their overnight bags. This ensures night one will go smoother.

10. A Moving Kit is Fabulous for Moving Day and Night

A moving kit is a practical lifesaver to ensure a seamless transition to your new home.

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Stocked with essentials like:

  • Toilet paper
  • Paper towels
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Light bulbs
  • Trash bags
  • Hand soap
  • Dish soap

This kit ensures that you have immediate access to the basics upon arrival.

Moving can be chaotic, and having a dedicated moving kit helps you kickstart the process of turning a new house into a home without unnecessary delays.

Being prepared with these essential items not only makes the first day more comfortable but also allows you to address immediate needs without the stress of unpacking everything right away.

It’s a simple yet effective way to maintain a sense of normalcy during the hectic moving process, ensuring that your new space feels welcoming from the very beginning.

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Final thoughts

I hope these simple and cheap moving tips help make your next move so much easier.

After our multiple moves, my husband, pup, and I are getting settled in our new home.

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Your turn

Have you recently moved? What kind of simple and cheap moving tips can you offer? 

Let me know in the comments!


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