Simple and Cheap Moving Tips for an Easy Move

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As the saying goes, “moving is for the birds,” but with these 10 simple and cheap moving tips – your next move will be a breeze!

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Packing up a home, condo, or apartment is often a chaotic, exhausting, and dreadful experience.

But I’m here to tell you – after a few moves of my own – it doesn’t have to be.

While the world was on a pandemic-induced lockdown in April 2020 – I was packing up my house and moving. 

Yep – my house was sold in early March of 2020, and it was a done deal.

While the rest of the world was quarantined and baking bread, finding new hobbies, and playing board games – my husband and I were moving.

With the uncertainty of the pandemic, we decided to hold off purchasing a home in 2020 and decided to rent for a year.

We would purchase a home when our lease ended.

We moved twice in a little over a year providing me with tons of simple and cheap moving tips to share with all of you.

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1. Trash Bags Are So Helpful on Moves

Moving with trash bags on clothes is my absolute favorite tip! Amazon is a great place to shop for simple cheap moving essentials.

Simple and Cheap Moving Tips is trash bags

I love shopping – which creates more clothes to move.

For a fresh start in the new home, make sure to do some decluttering before your big move to cut down on all the moving items.

This tip makes it seamless to take the clothes in groups from one closet to the next.

Pro tip: Grab similar hangers – when they are the same size – it’s easy to keep them together.

Pro tip: Don’t use rubber bands to secure the hangers. Just pull up each of the trash bag ties once over each way. This way they shift easier during transport and are less likely to fall off hangers. Plus – no need to mess with rubber bands when you arrive! Just pull the plastic ties on each side down – then, voila – simple unpacking.

Pro tip: Keep hanger bundles no more than 10-15. More than this, the weight is difficult to manage, and the clothes tend to slip off.

Pro tip: Color coordinate clothes before bundling and keep pants and tops separate. This way your new closet is organized when you arrive.

Pro tip: Use these trash bags as they are less likely to rip during the move and you’ll have a stash of trash bags ready to go in your new home.

2. Coffee Filters Make Great Moving Items

Coffee filters are the perfect way to move as they are lightweight, cheap, thin, flexible, and round making them perfect to keep breakables safe.

  • Pro tip: When packing bowls, plates, and glass casserole dishes use about five coffee filters per item. Make sure to keep the coffee filters slightly separated and staggered. Doing this helps prevent the breakables from shifting and clanking while boxed.
  • Pro tip: Sectioning off water glasses, coffee cups, beer mugs, and wine glasses with coffee filters will help prevent shattered glass while boxed. I also recommend rolling a filter and sticking it inside to insulate even more.
  • Pro tip: Separate glass perfume bottles, makeup bottles, and personal items inside the box with coffee filters.
  • Pro tip: Use the coffee filters to create box dividers to insulate items on the top, bottom, and middle of boxes.

Simple and Cheap Moving Tips for easy moving

3. Plastic Bins Are a Moving Essential

Grab some plastic bins in all shapes and sizes.

Plastic bins make moving simple and provide a stable, secure place for collectibles and holiday keepsakes.

It also helps protect items from water or moisture if it’s raining or snowing on moving days.

  • Pro tip: Make sure bins have secure handles that snap. This way if you are storing it in a basement or garage it will be secure and water-resistant.
  • Pro tip: Keep bins small and similar-sized. This will help with weight distribution and make moving easier and stacking simple at the new home.

4. Ziplock Bags Are the Perfect Moving Essential

It’s amazing the things you’ll need to keep together in a hurry when moving, especially on the actual move day.

  • Pro tip – Bag jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, and rings separately in clear Zip Lock bags. This makes it easier to unpack and see what the items are when you arrive at your new home. Plus, it prevents jewelry from tangling.
  • Pro tip – Keep a Zip Lock bag handy when furniture is being moved. Tiny screws, nuts, and bolts should be bagged and taped to the item for easy access when the furniture arrives at the new home.

5. Grab a Rolling Suitcase to Help with a Move

Moving day is exhausting enough – save some energy by placing all heavy items in rolling suitcases.

  • Pro tip: Make sure to distribute weight evenly in a suitcase to prevent tipping over. Place the heaviest items at the bottom of the suitcase. In addition, keep heavier items near the back of the suitcase near the handle to prevent tip-overs.
  • Pro tip: Use straps around the outside and middle to prevent the suitcase from popping open.  
  • Pro tip: Label the contents of the suitcase and what room it’s going to at the new house.

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6. Coolers Make Moving Day Easier

Make sure to grab a cooler while shopping for moving essentials. Although it’s best to scale down your canned goods, perishables, and pantry items – you’ll still need to move some food.

  • Pro tip: Purchase inexpensive coolers before the move.
  • Pro tip: Grab a bunch of big tote bags. These are easier to carry heavy canned goods and can be used in the future.
  • Pro tip: Pack a separate cooler to have ready-made food such as deli sandwiches and chips for the day of moving and the morning after. Nothing is worse than being hungry with nothing to eat or the means to cook.

7. Prepare the Mattress for a Move

Have you ever been driving down the road and noticed a fellow motorist with an unwrapped mattress piled high on top of the truck?

Yep, if it rains – not so good! One simple moving tip is to plan to have mattresses and boxsprings in plastic and ready to go.

  • Pro tip: Purchase mattress bags from a local retailer or here. They are inexpensive and protect the mattress and box spring during move day.
  • Pro tip: Make sure to wash the second set of sheets and place them inside the mattress bag. This way you’ll create a bedding kit that’s easy to assemble when it’s bedtime at the new home.

Pro tip: Seal all mattresses and boxsprings in a high-quality, waterproof, zippered mattress protector before placing them in the plastic bag. This will give an added layer of protection should the truck be open or it’s raining or snowing on move day.

  • Bonus – your mattress is protected and the zippered protector can be used in the future on the mattress nightly.

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8. Check and Secure Your Dresser Drawers Before Moving Day

Be sure to check with the movers well in advance of moving day to see what their policy is on removing items from drawers.

Our first move – they had us leave all items in drawers. So, we were unprepared that the second movers needed items removed.

Not fun with all your items scattered about on a moving day.

Pro tip: If you can leave items in the drawers – secure the tops with Glad Press ‘n Seal. It’s great and prevents items from shifting.

  • Pro tip: Make sure to organize and secure items in drawers ahead of time. If you can move items in drawers – loose coins, jewelry, and pins can easily slip out becoming lost forever. 

Pro tip: If you must remove items from drawers – place clothes in laundry baskets like this one and label them by a piece of furniture. This way when it gets moved – it ends up near the right drawer.

9. Prepare an Overnight Bag for Moving Day and Night

After a long day of moving, nothing is worse than not finding your toothbrush, pajamas, or teddy bear.

Pack the essentials for each member of the family in separate bags.

Pro tip: It’s best to purchase duplicate toiletries so you’ll have a backup for more than one night in case items are lost in the shuffle.

  • Pro tip: If working or school is happening within a day or two of the move, be sure to pack an outfit that’s easy to find for each family member.
  • Pro tip: Place children’s and pets’ favorite toys inside their overnight bags. This ensures night one will go smoother.

10. A Moving Kit is Fabulous for Moving Day and Night

You’ve started unpacking and you’re sure you put this or that in that box.

It’s not there.

The lightbulb burned out and it’s dark in the new house.

Whoops – the bathroom is missing toilet paper. These are things to be prepared to need. Make sure to grab all your essentials here before your move.

Pro tip: Check out Amazon moving essentials here to make sure you grabbed all the moving items for your move.

Final thoughts

I hope these simple and cheap moving tips help make your next move so much easier.

After our multiple moves, my husband, pup, and I are getting settled in our new home.

Simple and Cheap Moving Tips for pups too

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Your Turn!

Have you recently moved? What kind of simple and cheap moving tips can you offer? 

Let me know in the comments!


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  6. I have personally moved and helped friends /family members move. It’s a very stressful process. I see why people pay thousands of dollar to hire a moving company. You shared some great tips to bear in mind when relocating. The coffee filter tip is an interesting one. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Kevin!

      Moving is really tough – especially when you do it a lot! And help others, too (your friends and family are lucky to have you)! I’m excited you liked the coffee filter tip – it’s one of my favorites as well!

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  9. I’m a military brat who moved 14 times in 18 years as a kid. And, I’ve used tip #1 helping my kids move in and out of college. But I never heard of tip #2 before. Brilliant!

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      Wow! 14 times in 18 years – you sure have me beat! I bet I could learn quite a bit from your moves! I’m excited you liked tip #2 – the coffee filters are so helpful with breakables!

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  10. Oh my goodness…so many wonderful moving tips in this post! This is incredibly helpful. I must say the coffee filter idea is GENIUS! I’m even going to start using that when I am packing away my holiday breakables! Thanks!

    1. Hi Michelle!

      Great idea! The coffee filters would be perfect to protect all the holiday breakables. I’m definitely gonna grab some for my ornaments this year, too.

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  11. We moved last October. We made use of plastic bins, suction bags, trash bags , boxes and suitcases. We also secured our chest drawers so we didn’t have to take out the stuff in there, haha!

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    I never thought to use ziplocs but that is a good idea. You can see what’s in there and keep things safe for transporting.

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    Thank you for sharing these helpful tips!! I love the coffee filter tip! These are amazing life hacks!!

  16. These are great tips. Moving can be challenging. A friend of mine is currently moving to her new house. With the economic state right now, she’s spent a fortune on moving trucks.

  17. This is so helpful. Moving and packing can be quite daunting and overwhelming. I would apply these tips in subsequent times.

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