Best Cheerful DIY Sunflower Kitchen Decor Ideas for Your Home

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As the heart of the home, the kitchen should be a place that inspires joy, warmth, and togetherness. What better way to infuse your kitchen with cheerful energy than with some DIY sunflower kitchen decor ideas?

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Both bright and bold, vibrant sunflowers are the perfect symbol of happiness and optimism, and they add a splash of color and personality to any home – especially the kitchen area.

If you’ve thought about adding modern or country style sunflower kitchen decor to your own home then you’ll love our sunflower-themed kitchen accessories ideas.

Whether you have a large or small kitchen, we’ve rounded up some of the best sunflower kitchen decor ideas that are sure to be a lovely addition to welcome guests and family alike.

DIY sunflower kitchen decor wall decals

From a sunflower table runner to finding the perfect spot for some sunflower wall decor, there are so many ways to incorporate these luxurious sunflowers into your kitchen. 

Whether you prefer a farmhouse-inspired look or a more modern approach, there are numerous ways to add your own perfect touch to a DIY sunflower decorating project.

So, are you ready for some great ideas to add this perfect flower to your kitchen decor?

Great! Let’s get into it!

DIY sunflower kitchen decor pins 2

1. Sunflower Dish Towels Are a Great Addition

Sunflower-themed dish towels are a delightful and practical way to incorporate this floral theme into your kitchen. 

Sunflowers are known for their bright yellow petals and large brown centers, making them a perfect theme any time of year for kitchen decor.

Dish towels are very practical items that are used daily, so incorporating sunflower designs into them can instantly transform the look and function of your kitchen. 

Adding a sunflower dish towel to your oven door is a fun way to quickly add the theme and a fun pop of color to your kitchen.

2. Sunflower Pattern Tablecloth and Placemats Aren‘t Only For a Special Occasion

The next time you’re setting the table, add some everyday sunflower pattern tablecloth and placemats for a bright and cheerful addition to the kitchen decor.

Whether you make some DIY handmade pieces with the Dollar Tree budget items or purchase new placemats and tablecloths from Amazon, the sunflower design is a timeless classic that brings warmth and happiness to your home. 

3. Add Some Sunflower Painted Mason Jars to the Kitchen

One of the most creative and cost-effective ways to add a touch of sunshine to your kitchen is through DIY sunflower acrylic paints on mason jars.

These jars can be used as vases, utensil holders, or simply as decorative sunflower pieces.

You can either paint sunflowers on plain mason jars at home for a fun DIY project or quickly grab a few, already done for you, cute sunflower mason jars perfect for fall decor or any cheerful season.

4. Brighten the Kitchen With Yellow Sunflower Themed Kitchen Curtains

When looking through the kitchen window, yellow sunflower themed kitchen curtains are an excellent way to add a cheerful touch to your kitchen.

DIY sunflower kitchen decor flower arrangement

The beautiful sunflower print on curtains will add an elegant touch to the kitchen decor while still being playful and fun.

These curtains can be hung on a tension rod or using traditional curtain rods, depending on the desired look. 

There are so many great options of curtains to create the perfect look and vibe to your kitchen decor.

5. Hang Sunflower Wall Art or Decals For a Great Kitchen Look

Sunflower wall art and decals are popular choices for adding a cheerful touch to any kitchen decor.

These sunflower decorations can be easily applied to walls, cabinets, or even appliances to instantly brighten up the kitchen.

DIY sunflower kitchen decor kettle

Sunflower wall decals come in a variety of styles, from simple and elegant to bold and colorful. 

Some decals even feature 3D effects, adding an extra layer of depth to your kitchen decor. 

Sunflower wall art can also be created by painting or drawing your own sunflower designs on canvas or other materials. 

You can also grab cost effective digital download wall art for a budget friendly sunflower kitchen vibe.

Sunflower wall art and decals are also easily added for a great way to infuse your kitchen with a bright and cheerful sunflower feel.

6. Enjoy a Sunflower Decorative Tiered Tray in Your Kitchen

Whether decorating for late summer, spring, winter, or fall, adding a sunflower decoration tiered tray is a delightful addition to your kitchen.

DIY sunflower kitchen decor decal

Whether you create your own tiered tray or purchase one, adding a sunflower tiered tray will add a touch of cheer and warmth to your kitchen decor.

To create your own DIY idea, start with a wooden tray and two wooden candlesticks. 

Paint these items in a coordinating color, such as white or cream, and allow them to dry. 

Once dry, use a strong adhesive to attach the candlesticks to the bottom of the tray, creating a tiered effect. 

Then, use faux sunflowers or other floral accents to decorate the tray, filling each tier with delightful sunflower faux blooms.

This sunflower decoration tiered tray is a simple and affordable way to add a touch of sunshine to your kitchen decor.

You can also grab some fun already done for you kitchen sunflower tiered trays like these great options.

7. Enjoy a Sunflower Centerpiece for Your Dining Room Table

Another way to incorporate these beautiful sunflowers into your kitchen is by creating sunflower garden fresh centerpieces for your dining table.

These sunflower themed centerpieces are not only easy to make, but they also add a touch of natural beauty to your dining area.

To make these centerpieces, start by gathering a few sunflowers and some greenery, such as eucalyptus or ferns. 

Arrange the sunflowers and greenery in a vase or mason jar, and add some water to keep the flowers fresh.

You can also add some additional decor, such as burlap or ribbon to the vase or jar, to complete the look. 

These sunflower garden fresh centerpieces are also available as faux flowers that make the perfect addition to your kitchen and are sure to brighten up your home.

8. Add Sunflower Wallpaper Decor Ideas to Your Kitchen

As we’ve covered, when it comes to decorating your kitchen with a touch of cheerfulness, sunflower decor is a great way to go.

In particular, sunflower wallpaper or a sunflower accent wall adds a vibrant and inviting feel to your kitchen space.

There are countless DIY wallpaper or sunflower accent wall ideas that you can try to create a unique and personalized look. 

One popular idea is to use sunflower wallpaper rolls to create a focal point and accent wall in the sunflower kitchen.

9. Sunflower Aprons and Sunflower Oven Mitts Are Great

A sunflower apron and sunflower oven mitts are a wonderful addition to any kitchen décor. 

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These cheerful and vibrant accessories not only add a touch of sunshine to your daily cooking routine but also make perfect sunflower decor ideas for housewarming gifts for friends and family. 

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Whether you prefer a bold and bright sunflower design or a more subtle and delicate pattern, there are so many great options available to suit any kitchen vibe.

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In addition, sunflower aprons provide a layer of protection from spills and stains while cooking, and they also serve as a fashionable cooking accessory.

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With different styles, materials, and colors available, you can easily find a sunflower apron that complements your kitchen décor and personal cooking style.

Sunflower Kitchen

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Sunflower oven mitts, on the other hand, provide heat protection while handling hot pans and such pots needing care.

6 Sunflower Oven Mitts and Pot Holders Kitchen Towel Sets

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They also make a great housewarming gift for anyone who loves sunflowers or enjoys cooking.

10. Sunflower Dishware and Glassware Look Amazing in the Kitchen

Adding sunflower plate and glassware to your kitchen is a simple and effective way to bring a touch of cheer to your home. 

These bright and cheerful sunflower decor ideas can easily transform your kitchen into a welcoming and inviting space to enjoy a meal.

Sunflower dishware and glassware come in a variety of styles and designs, from hand-painted ceramic plates to intricately designed glassware.

You can even create your own sunflower-inspired dishware and glassware through DIY projects. 

Grab some inexpensive plates or glasses, paints, and paint brushes and paint some pretty sunflowers for a fun kitchen decor project.

Whether you prefer a more traditional or modern look, incorporating a sunflower dish and glassware into your kitchen decor will undoubtedly bring a smile to your face every time you use them. 

11. Hang a Sunflower Wreath in the Kitchen

Another way to add a cheerful touch to your kitchen is by adding a beautiful sunflower wreath.

For a simple DIY sunflower kitchen decoration wreath, you will need a grapevine wreath, sunflower stems, floral wire, and wire cutters.

Begin by trimming the sunflower stems to your desired length and arranging them around the grapevine wreath.

Secure the sunflowers in place using floral wire and finish off with a ribbon or bow. 

The result is a stunning sunflower wreath that makes a perfect statement piece in any kitchen. 

This is just one of many cheerful DIY sunflower kitchen decor ideas that you can try to bring a touch of sunshine to your home.

Our friend Lisa, from, suggests adding a sunflower wreath for party decorations, too.

You can also grab a gorgeous already-made sunflower wreath for a quick decoration or a great gift.

12. Display a Sunflower Napkin Ring on the Kitchen Table

The sunflower napkin ring is a delightful and easy-to-display decor option.

A simple sunflower napkin ring can add a touch of cheer to any kitchen or dining table setting.

This simple yet elegant piece can be made into a DIY project using basic materials such as wire, yellow ribbon, and green felt.

The wire is molded into a circular shape and then wrapped with yellow ribbon to form the flower petals. 

A small piece of green felt is then cut and attached to the back of the flower to form the leaf. 

The final result is a beautiful sunflower napkin ring that can be used for special occasions or simply to brighten up everyday meals. 

If a DIY project isn‘t your thing, there are some perfect options available for those who want the sunflower napkin ring without the crafting.

13. Enjoy a DIY Beautiful Sunflower Bouquet

To bring the beauty and versatility of sunflowers consider creating a DIY sunflower bouquet.

DIY sunflower kitchen decor teacups

This simple and affordable way to incorporate sunflowers into your kitchen can be completed with just a few materials, including fresh sunflowers, a bow, and a pretty vase. 

Start by selecting a few sunflowers from a flower shop or grocery stores with long stems and removing any leaves that will be below the water line in the vase.

Next, trim stems to make the sunflowers into a bouquet. 

Then place the bouquet in a vase filled with fresh water, tie a ribbon to the vase, and enjoy your beautiful and cheerful sunflower kitchen decor.

​If you want to keep the beauty of a sunflower bouquet in your kitchen longer, grab a faux flower bouquet already done for you.

14. Grab Sunflower Shaped Trivets for Hot Dishes

One of the best cheerful sunflower kitchen decor ideas is to add sunflower-shaped trivets for all your hot dishes.

Trivets are essential kitchen accessories that protect your countertops and tables from heat damage caused by hot pots and pans. 

These sunflower-shaped trivets not only serve their function but also add a touch of sunshine to your kitchen. 

Sunflower trivets are an excellent way to bring a pop of color and joy to your kitchen decor.

15. Decorate and Cook With Sunflower Wooden Spoons

If you’re looking to add more cheer to your kitchen decor, consider incorporating sunflower wooden spoons

These spoons not only serve a practical purpose in the kitchen, but also add a vibrant pop of color to any kitchen setting.

Made from wood, these spoons are sturdy and reliable, perfect for stirring and serving food. 

The sunflower design brings a sense of warmth to your kitchen and can easily complement other sunflower-themed decor. 

16. Sunflower Pot Holders for Decor and Cooking

Sunflower pot holders are a fun and functional addition to your kitchen.

These sunflower pot holders are perfect for those who want to add a touch of cheer to their kitchen decor while keeping their hands safe from hot pots and pans. 

Sunflower pot holders with bright and bold colors are a perfect choice for kitchen decor, adding a pop of color and a touch of nature to your home. 

17. Hang a Sunflower Wall Clock

Sunflowers wall clocks are a practical and popular choice for kitchen decor.

Tell the time easily with a beautiful kitchen sunflower clock or enjoy a beautiful sunflower field featured on the clock.

There are so many great sunflower clock options on Amazon.

18. Pour Some Vino into Sunflower Wine Glasses

Sunflower theme wine glasses are a fantastic addition to any kitchen decor, adding a touch of cheerfulness and elegance to your dining experience.

These glasses can be easily turned into a DIY project using paint, glue, and sunflower decals.

To start, gather a set of clear wine glasses and clean them thoroughly. 

Then, using a stencil or freehand painting technique, paint sunflowers onto the glass. 

Once the paint has dried, add sunflower kitchen decor theme decals or make some with a Cricut for a fresh look. 

These glasses can also be easily purchased for special occasions or as everyday drinkware, adding a touch of sunshine to your kitchen decor. 

19. Add a Sunflower Paper Towel Holder to the Kitchen Counter

The beautiful sunflowers on a paper towel holder is a charming addition to any kitchen.

Grab a beautiful paper towel holder for both function and a great look.

Sunflower Paper Towel Holder

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20. Incorporate a Sunflower Seed Head to the Kitchen

One creative and cheerful idea for incorporating sunflowers into your kitchen design is by adding a sunflower seed head decor item.

There are so many fun items to add a delightful pop of sunflower color to your kitchen decor.

21. Enjoy Sunflower Flower Pot with Faux Flowers for a Decorative Kitchen

Incorporating a sunflower flower pot with faux flowers is a delightful addition to your kitchen decor that will last for years. 

Easily make this a DIY project by adding a cheerful touch of sunflowers to your kitchen flower pot.

You can take a plain flower pot and add sunflower decals or hand paint sunflowers onto the pot for a fabulous and unique look.

An affordable and easy way to update your decor, artificial sunflowers can be customized into a beautiful decorative piece to match your existing sunflower decor, and the faux blooms for years to come. 

There are also many done for you options on Amazon.

22. Add Some Sunflower Shaped Serving Dishes

Sunflower-shaped plates are an excellent addition to any kitchen decor.

They are a perfect way to bring a touch of nature into your home and add a cheerful atmosphere to your kitchen. 

These dishes come in various sizes and materials, such as ceramic, glass, or even plastic, making them suitable for any occasion, from formal dinner parties to casual family meals. 

They can be used for serving appetizers, snacks, salads, or even as decorative pieces on your kitchen shelves. 

The sunflower shape of these dishes adds a unique and charming touch to your kitchen decor. 

They also make great housewarming gifts for family and friends who love nature and appreciate beautiful, contemporary style kitchenware.

Invest in a few of these sunflower-shaped serving dishes and add a cheerful and cozy vibe to your kitchen.

23. Sunflower Canister Sets with Yellow Sunflowers Look Great in the Kitchen

A rustic sunflower decor canister set with yellow sunflowers is an excellent choice for those looking to add a cheerful touch to their kitchen countertops. 

Sunflower canister sets come in different sizes with lids, making them perfect for storing dry goods such as flour, sugar, and coffee. 

The bright yellow sunflowers on a canister set provide a pop of color that will instantly brighten up your kitchen counter or open shelving.

The canisters are often made of high-quality materials, are sturdy and durable, and can be used for everyday use.

24. Add Kitchen Sunflower Floor Mats

Sunflower floor mats are a fantastic addition to any kitchen, bringing cheer and function to your home.

With a variety of designs and styles available, sunflower floor mats can be customized to fit your personal style and add a pop of color to your kitchen.

Not only do these mats serve as a functional element in your kitchen, but they also add a charming and cheerful vibe that is sure to brighten up your cooking space. 

25. Display Sunflower Glass Oil and Vinegar Jars

The sunflower glass oil and vinegar jars are a must-have addition to any kitchen looking to add a touch of cheer and function to the space.

These jars not only serve as functional containers for your cooking oils and vinegar, but also bring a pop of color and style with their fun sunflower designs.

Crafted from glass, these jars are durable and easy to clean, making them a practical and stylish choice for any kitchen. 

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or just starting out in the kitchen, these sunflower jars are a fun and unique way to add personality to your cooking space. 

26. Display a Sunflower Kitchen Dish Scrubbing Holder

Another delightful addition to any kitchen decor is a sunflower kitchen dish scrubbing holder.

Crafted with a vibrant and charming sunflower design, these dish cleaner storage accessories add a cheerful touch to any sink area. 

With cute and practical designs, they allow for easy storage of dish scrubbers, sponges, or brushes, keeping them organized and within reach while adding a sunflower pop of color to your kitchen.

27. Grab Great Sunflower Salt and Pepper Shakers

For those looking to add another touch of fun and color to their kitchen, the sunflower salt and pepper shaker set is a must-have.

These sets feature two adorable sunflower-themed shakers that are not only functional but also add a cheerful and vibrant touch to your kitchen counter and serving table.

Sunflower Salt And Pepper Shakers

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Made with a variety of materials, shaker sets are durable and easy to clean, making them a practical addition to any sunflower themed kitchen.

Sunflower Salt and Pepper Shakers Set

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Whether you’re a fan of sunflowers or simply looking for a fun and unique kitchen decor item, the sunflower salt and pepper shaker set is a top choice for adding some sunshine to your kitchen area.

28. Feature a Sunflower Utensil Holder on the Kitchen Countertop

For those looking to add another touch of cheer to their kitchen decor, a sunflower utensil holder is an excellent choice.

There are tons of options to add some sunshine to your kitchen with a sunflower utensil holder.

29. Sunflower Grocery Bag Holders Are Practical and Fun

A sunflower grocery bag holder is a must-have addition to any kitchen looking to add a touch of cheer and functionality.

This sunflower item is not only cute and eye-catching, but also serves a practical purpose by keeping grocery bags organized and easily accessible.

Made from great materials, a sunflower grocery bag holder is a fun and budget-friendly item that will brighten up your kitchen space and keep it decluttered. 

DIY sunflower kitchen decor pins 1

Final thoughts

Incorporating sunflower decor into your kitchen is a great way to brighten up the space and bring a cheerful vibe to your home.

From simple sunflower kitchen items like a paper towel holder to adding sunflower kitchen decals to hanging a sunflower wreath, there are endless ways to incorporate this beautiful flower into your kitchen design. 

With a little creativity and design, you can transform your kitchen into a warm and inviting space that radiates the beauty of sunflowers.

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Your turn 

Do you love sunflowers? Have you thought about incorporating them into your kitchen? 

Which of these DIY sunflower kitchen decor ideas is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!


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