12 Simple Summer Fruit Kitchen Decor Ideas for Your Home

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Are you searching for the easiest ways to refresh your kitchen for the new summer season? If so, you’ll love these fresh and fun summer fruit kitchen decor ideas. Keep reading for some cheerful fruity finds – perfect for a summer decorative touch to your seasonal home decor.

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As the days get warmer and the sun shines brighter, it’s time to bring some cheer into your home with a fun and vibrant summer fruit kitchen decor theme.

With an abundance of fresh and colorful colors in season, it’s the perfect opportunity to infuse your kitchen with a burst of fun into your whole kitchen design.

The best part? 

This fresh fruits theme can easily be incorporated into your kitchen, whether you have a small apartment or a spacious home kitchen design. 

Cheerful Strawberry Kitchen Decor Ideas Red and White Theme

From a simple way to showcase a bold and bright focal point on the kitchen walls to a subtle color scheme and fresh fruit decorative elements, there are endless ways to showcase the cheerful and delightful fruits of summer – straight into your kitchen decor.

The good news is we’re here to help you find the perfect ways to showcase these fun decor ideas just in time for the summer season.

We’ll cover some creative fruit kitchen rugs and ideas to feature a fruit bowl on the dining room table as some natural elements for a cute centerpiece.

In addition, we’ll give you fresh ideas on some beautiful printable fruit artwork to transform your kitchen and dining area into a fruity paradise.

So get ready to let your kitchen island, cooking area, and even your dining set feature some vibrant and refreshing summer kitchen fruit decor ideas today. 

12 Simple Summer Fruit Kitchen Decor Ideas for Your Home 2

1. Lemon Kitchen Decor Theme Ideas Look Are Fresh and Fun for Summer

lemon kitchen decor bright colors

A fun and refreshing summer kitchen theme idea is to add some lemon kitchen decor ideas.

A lemon piece of fruit, with vibrant yellow hues and a refreshing scent, instantly brightens up your kitchen counter space and entire cooking area.

Showcasing a tart lemons fruit display creates a fresh and bright vibe that is both inviting and fun to your home kitchen.

From lemon-patterned dishware to lemons on tea pots to an exhibit fruit wall decor of lemons, there are numerous ways to add this cheerful fruit theme to your kitchen design.

You can also feature some beautiful lemons decor ideas on a table runner to really add some beauty to your dining table as well. 

2. Go Modern With Cherry Kitchen Summer Decor Fruit Ideas

Cherries, with their rich red color and sweet taste, are not only a delicious summer fruit but can also serve as a charming inspiration for a modern cherry themed kitchen decor

Incorporating some cherry fruit ideas into your kitchen design can add a touch of elegance and nostalgia to your space.

cherry themed kitchen decor tiered tray

Feature the cherry theme on dishware, such as with cherry-patterned plates and bowls on the counter or cherry fruit themed glasses on the bar cart, or choose cherry-themed kitchen accessories like cherry fruit salt and pepper shakers or cherry-printed kitchen towels.

To further enhance the kitchen theme, you can add pops of red throughout your space, such as small red kitchen appliances like a toaster or a pair of fruit-themed tiers in your curtains on the kitchen windows. 

Whether you’re hosting some summer special occasions, or just want a refresh, a classic cherry kitchen decor fruit theme will create an inviting look that celebrates the beauty and sweetness of this summer fruit.

3. Choose Bananas for Fun Summer Fruit Kitchen Decor Ideas

Bananas, with their vibrant yellow color and delicious taste, can serve as a delightful inspiration for a cheerful summer kitchen decor theme. 

Adding these fruit motifs banana themes into your kitchen design can bring a playful and tropical vibe to your home.

Fruit Kitchen Decor banana

To add these fruit decor flaunts, add some hanging banana fruit baskets to the island counter top or showcase banana wall art prints on the kitchen walls. 

Additionally, you can display fresh bananas in decorative serving bowls as a centerpiece, adding both a fun decor element that doubles as a healthy food option.

4. Feature Pear Themed Kitchen Decor for Fresh Summer Vibes

Juicy pears, with their elegance and timelessness, can be a wonderful choice for a classic summer simple pear kitchen decor theme idea.

Adding some fun pear elements into your kitchen design can bring a touch of nature’s beauty and a hint of classic style to your home.

pear kitchen decor wooden bowl

Feature a pear fruit picture art print to easily update your kitchen decor or simply hang pear themed kitchen towels on your oven door.

To further enhance the pear kitchen theme, you can choose a color palette that complements the pear’s natural light hues, such as soft greens and creams. 

5. Strawberry Decor Makes a Charming New Look for a Summer Kitchen Theme Idea

Another fun summer fruit kitchen theme to showcase at your home is a strawberry motif decor.

Strawberry is one of the prettiest fruit-themed decor ideas and a delightful choice for creating a charming new look for your summer fruit kitchen theme.

Cheerful Strawberry Kitchen Decor Ideas Wall Decals

The vibrant red color and sweetness of strawberries can bring a fresh and fun atmosphere into your kitchen design ideas.

Featuring strawberry elements in your kitchen decor can be done in a variety of simple ways.

To add this fun kitchen idea, add some strawberry-themed accents such as handmade pieces like canisters or salt and pepper shakers or a tiered kitchen tray to your countertops. 

You can also feature strawberry-patterned curtains to your kitchen windows or add strawberry table runners on the strawberry decor kitchen table.

6. Watermelon is a Fun and Fresh Summer Fruit for Kitchen Decor Ideas

For a real splash of summer, add some watermelon kitchen decor theme ideas.

With bold shapes and bright colors, a watermelon theme is an excellent choice for adding a touch of fun and freshness to your kitchen decor this summer season.

best watermelon kitchen decor ideas color scheme

To showcase the look, you can add different shades of pink, red, or green.

You can also add watermelon elements to your kitchen theme with a watermelon dishwasher magnet, fresh kitchen wall decals, or some fun-themed summer watermelon kitchen towels.

With summer watermelon theme ideas as your kitchen decor inspiration, you can create a playful and cheerful vibe that really brings the essence of summertime and adds a delightful touch to your cooking and dining summer experience.

7. Pineapple Fruit Theme Adds Fun Kitchen Design Ideas

A pineapple fruit theme is a fantastic option for infusing your kitchen with a sense of excitement and playfulness this summer. 

Fruit Kitchen Decor pineapple

Featuring pineapple elements in your kitchen decor can instantly brighten up the space and create a tropical atmosphere just in time for summer. 

You can feature pineapple-themed kitchen accessories like a pineapple round fruit rug, pineapple tablecloth, pineapple-printed kitchen towels, or pineapple wall decals on a white background kitchen wall.

Additionally, incorporating the vibrant colors of pineapples, such as yellow and green, can add a refreshing and cheerful touch to your summer kitchen design.

8. Peach Decorative Accents Look Great for Kitchen Theme Ideas

When it comes to kitchen theme ideas, featuring peach decorative accents can bring a touch of softness and style to your kitchen decor.

The peach fruit, with its soft and delicate color hue, adds a subtle pop of color that can complement a variety of kitchen design styles.

Fruit Kitchen Decor peach

Whether you choose to incorporate peach with a neutral base through small accents like a cliché bowl of fruit, a peach kitchen mat, add a peach cake stand, or a peach themed utensil holder, this fruit theme is very summery.

To add more peach fruit, you can add an entire basket of peaches on your counter or add a fun summer tiered kitchen tray surrounded with fresh flowers.

Whether you have a traditional or modern kitchen, incorporating a single fruit like peach decorative accents can be a fresh choice that adds a fun and inviting vibe to your home decor this summer.

9. Blueberry Kitchen Theme Adds a Touch of Charm For Summer

Fruit Kitchen Decor blueberries

The blueberry kitchen theme is a delightful choice that can infuse your home decor with a touch of classic charm just in time for summer.

Adding elements inspired by this blue fruit can create a classic and refreshing ambiance in your summer kitchen decor.

From blueberry-patterned tablecloths to a clear photo of the fruit to kitchen accessories like blueberry canisters and fruity tea towels featuring blueberry designs, there are numerous ways to add this fruity theme to your kitchen decor this summer.

10. Grapefruit Fun for Some Summer Kitchen Fruit Decor Ideas

Bring a fresh and vibrant touch to your summer kitchen with the delightful and invigorating grapefruit themed decor. 

Embrace the lively colors and uplifting energy that this citrus fruit brings, infusing your space with a sense of joy and vitality. 

Printable Wall Art Ideas kitchen

Incorporate elements such as printable grapefruit-themed wall art to showcase the bold and refreshing hues of pink and yellow. 

Complement the summer kitchen decor with coordinating accessories, such as citrus-inspired dishware and utensils, adding a playful yet sophisticated touch to your kitchen. 

11. Freshen Up Your Space This Summer with Orange Kitchen Decor Ideas

Fruit Kitchen Decor oranges

Elevate your kitchen’s ambiance this summer with a vibrant and refreshing touch of orange fruit kitchen decor ideas. 

Embrace the warmth and energy that this color brings, infusing your kitchen with a sense of vibrancy and positivity. 

Showcase orange fruit wall art prints, showcasing the rich and inviting shades of this vibrant fruit. 

Complement the decor with coordinating accessories, such as orange-centerpieces, adding a hint of playfulness and fun to your summer culinary space.

12. Apple Kitchen Design Ideas for a Fun Summer Fruit Kitchen Theme

Finally, an apple kitchen decor theme offers a fun and playful option to feature a fruit-inspired summer theme to your kitchen decor.

Whether you choose vibrant red apples or some green apples, these fruit ideas can add a pop of color and freshness to your summer kitchen decor.

Apple kitchen decor ideas kitchen tiered tray

To add this popular fruit kitchen theme to your summer home, add apple kitchen decor items such as ceramic apple salt and pepper shakers or watercolor apple wall art prints.

Additionally, showcase apple-patterned linens, such as tablecloths, table runners, or placemats

You can also hang apple dish towels from the oven door or feature an apple tiered kitchen tray to effortlessly tie the apple kitchen theme decor ideas. 


For a more subtle style, add apple-themed kitchen accessories, such as apple-shaped cutting boards or apple-printed kitchen plates or serving bowls.

Whether you choose to showcase a single apple motif or go all-out with various shapes and sizes of the apple-themed kitchen, this fun kitchen design idea is sure to create a cheerful and fun summer vibe in your home.

12 Simple Summer Fruit Kitchen Decor Ideas for Your Home 1

Final thoughts

By featuring cheerful summer fruits into your home kitchen decor you’ll create a fun and fresh way to bring some summer vibes into your home.

From lemon kitchen theme fruit-patterned dish towels to apple kitchen theme wall art, there are endless possibilities for featuring this summer fruit theme in your kitchen.

So why not give one of these cheerful fruit decor ideas a try and see how it adds to your kitchen designs this summer season?

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Your turn

Are you searching for some kitchen decor inspiration ideas? Which of these cheerful summer fruit kitchen decor theme ideas is your favorite? Let me know in the comments.


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