Easy Ideas for Vintage Valentine’s Day Decor to Display

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As Valentine’s Day approaches, many of us are eager to decorate our homes with symbols of love and affection. If you enjoy creating a beautiful home with vintage Valentine’s Day decor – you’ve come to the right place.

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I know firsthand how much fun adding some vintage finds can be to my home decor during the holidays.

​If you’ve read the blog, you remember my 1950s vintage Christmas decor ideas – which all remind me of holidays with my sweet grandmother and grandfather.

I also enjoy adding some fun pieces of vintage items on Valentine’s Day as well.

Vintage Valentine's Day Decor tablecoth

While some may opt for more modern Valentine’s Day decorations, I love to add a more nostalgic theme with some vintage Valentine’s decor items.

There are so many fun ways to include Vintage Valentine’s Day decor from your home’s dining room to the living room.

Including Vintage Valentine’s decor in creative ways adds a touch of charm and nostalgia to your home.

Vintage Valentine's Day Decor cards

This all helps make vintage decorating the perfect choice for those looking to create a romantic and sentimental atmosphere in their home on Valentine’s Day.

Whether you are planning a romantic dinner for two at home or a cozy gathering with friends, incorporating vintage decor items into your Valentine’s Day theme can add a unique and personal touch to your celebrations. 

So, let’s take a look at how to make old things new again and discover how you can also infuse your home with the spirit of love and nostalgia this Valentine’s Day.

Vintage Valentine's Day Decor pins 1

1. Classic Charm with Vintage Valentine’s Day Tablecloth Accents

When it comes to creating a nostalgic and romantic ambiance for Valentine’s Day, incorporating vintage tablecloths can add a touch of classic charm to your decor. 

Vintage Valentine's Day Decor kitchen tablecloth

Vintage lace Valentine’s Day decor items are all about evoking a sense of timeless elegance and capturing the essence of days gone by. 

Consider using antique lace doilies as table runners or draping them over chair backs for a delicate and feminine touch to your home. 

Vintage lace and doilies can also be repurposed as placemats or coasters, creating a charming and romantic vibe for a special Valentine’s Day meal.

2. Include Vintage Valentine’s Day Cards and Postcards

To further enhance your vintage Valentine’s Day decor, consider incorporating vintage Valentine’s Day cards and vintage postcards into your home design.

Vintage Valentine's Day Decor love letters

These charming relics from the past not only add visual interest but also evoke feelings of nostalgia and romance.

You can display vintage Valentine’s Day cards from antique shops in frames or create a unique wall collage showcasing a collection of these sentimental tokens. 

Vintage postcards, with their intricate designs and handwritten messages, can be framed and used as decorative accents on shelves or mantels, adding a touch of nostalgia to your space.

3. Incorporate Vintage Valentine’s Day Candy and Vintage Lace

To further elevate the charm of your vintage Valentine’s Day decor, consider incorporating delicate vintage lace and intricate doilies under vintage-inspired candy jars.

Vintage Valentine's Day Decor lace

These timeless textiles can be used as decorative accents on a coffee table or end table, adding a touch of elegance to your living room or sitting room. 

Display vintage-inspired candy jars filled with classic Valentine’s Day candies, such as conversation hearts or chocolate truffles, to add a delightful touch of nostalgia and indulgence to your home.

Vintage Valentine’s Day decor, combined with lace, doilies, and candy, will create a truly enchanting and memorable atmosphere for your Valentine’s Day-themed home.

4. Create a Vintage Valentine’s Day Decor Wreath

To enhance the vintage charm of your Valentine’s Day decor, consider creating a stunning heart-shaped wreath adorned with red accents and baby’s breath.

Vintage Valentine's Day Decor front door wreath

Start by selecting a grapevine wreath as the base, which provides a rustic and nostalgic feel. 

Use red ribbon or fabric to wrap around the wreath, creating a vibrant backdrop. 

Add vintage-inspired Valentine’s Day ornaments, such as miniature red roses, a pink heart, antique keys, or delicate heart-shaped trinkets, to embellish the wreath.

For an extra touch of elegance, incorporate faux pearls or vintage buttons into the design. 

Hang the wreath on your front door or above the fireplace to instantly infuse your home with the essence of vintage romance. 

5. Use Vintage Valentine’s Day Decor Kitchen Accessories

To further elevate your vintage Valentine’s Day decor, consider incorporating vintage treasures like cake pans and kitchen accessories into your display. 

Vintage Valentine's Day Decor dishes

These unique and charming items are a great way to include functional and decorative Valentines kitchen elements.

Utilize vintage heart-shaped cake pans to create delicious homemade treats that will delight your loved ones. 

You can also showcase vintage teapots, tea cup sets, and dessert plates adorned with romantic motifs, such as roses or cupid. 

Arrange these vintage kitchen accessories on a vintage-style serving tray or cake stand to create a focal point on your dining table or countertop. 

You can also include vintage cake toppers for a fun Valentines vintage vibe.

6. Display Vintage Valentine’s Day Love Letters as Decor Ideas

One of the most cherished and sentimental gestures on Valentine’s Day is the act of exchanging love letters. 

Vintage Valentine's Day Decor flowers

To truly honor the vintage spirit of this romantic tradition, it‘s a great thing to display these heartfelt messages in a perfect and meaningful way.

Consider framing the vintage love letters in ornate antique frames, highlighting the intricate details and delicate handwriting.

For a more classic touch, you can opt for a vintage-inspired mailbox to hold the letters, creating a sense of nostalgia and fun.

Another creative idea is to add a decorative display with a vintage suitcase or trunk, placing the love letters inside, alongside timeless trinkets and holiday mementos.

This not only adds a touch of elegance to your holiday decor but also creates a focal point that sparks conversations and cherished memories

7. Decorate with Vintage Valentine’s Day Decor Vignettes

Vintage Valentine’s Day decor is all about creating charming vignettes that capture the essence of romance. 

Start by selecting a variety of vintage-inspired elements such as lace doilies, antique candle holders, and delicate porcelain figurines

Vintage Valentine's Day Decor vignette

Arrange these items on a decorative tray or vintage serving platter, creating a visually appealing centerpiece for your Valentine’s Day display.

Incorporate soft hues of pink and red through floral arrangements, using vintage vases or teacups as unique containers. 

Enhance the little vignette with the flickering glow of candlelight and the gentle scent of rose petals.

Consider adding a touch of whimsy for the time of year by including vintage antique store Valentine’s cards or love letters amidst the vignette. 

8. Incorporate a Vintage Valentine’s Day Decor Flower Frog

One unique and creative way to incorporate vintage Valentine’s Day decor into your display is by utilizing a vintage flower frog

A vintage flower frog, often made of metal or glass, is a tool originally used to hold flower stems in place when arranging bouquets. 

However, it can also serve as a charming and distinctive decor element for your Valentine’s Day vignette. 

Simply place the vintage flower frog on a decorative tray or table, and fill it with delicate blooms such as roses or carnations. 

The flower frog adds a touch of elegance and is the perfect addition to your display, while also providing a practical way to showcase your favorite Valentine’s Day flowers. 

Its vintage appeal and functionality make it a long-term addition to your overall decorating theme.

9. Add Vintage Valentine’s Day Decor Votive Candle Holders

An additional way to enhance your vintage Valentine’s Day decor is by incorporating Valentines votive holders. 

Vintage Valentine's Day Decor with candles

These charming and nostalgic votive holders, often made of delicate glass or ceramic, can add a romantic ambiance to your display.

Simply place tea lights or small candles inside the holders and arrange them strategically throughout your home. 

The soft glow and flickering flames will create a warm and intimate atmosphere, perfect for a romantic evening or gathering. 

10. Display Vintage Valentine’s Day Decor Treasures

To add a touch of fun to your vintage Valentine’s Day decor, consider displaying special treasure Valentine figurines like red trucks

These adorable figurines can instantly transport you back to a simpler time and evoke feelings of love and joy. 

Vintage Valentine's Day Decor wall art ideas

Place them on a mantel, shelf, or table as a focal point or incorporate them into a vignette with other vintage Valentine’s Day items.

The vibrant red color of the truck adds a pop of fun and festive charm to your home.

Whether you collect these figurines or find a special one to display online, at the hobby lobby, or at an antique store they are sure to be a delightful addition to your vintage Valentine’s Day theme.

11. Incorporate Vintage Valentine’s Day Decor Themed Framed Wall Art

Another charming way to enhance your Valentine’s Day decor is by incorporating vintage Valentine’s themed framed wall art.

Vintage Valentine's Day Decor fireplace mantel ideas

Adding these nostalgic pieces can instantly bring a touch of romance and fun to your home.

Look for vintage Valentine cards, illustrations, or love-themed artwork that captures the essence of past eras. 

Then, carefully select frames that complement the colors and designs of the artwork, enhancing their overall visual appeal

Hanging these framed pieces strategically throughout your home can create a delightful vintage-inspired ambiance that is sure to captivate your guests and evoke feelings of love and nostalgia.

12. Display Vintage Valentine’s Day Decor Throw Pillows

To further elevate your vintage Valentine’s Day decor, consider incorporating charming throw pillows with romantic designs. 

These delightful accents can instantly add a cozy and inviting touch to your living room, bedroom, or even an entryway.

Look for throw pillows featuring vintage-inspired patterns such as delicate floral prints, love-themed motifs, or whimsical Valentine’s Day illustrations. 

Coordinate the colors of the pillows with your existing decor, opting for soft pastels, deep reds, or classic whites to enhance the nostalgic ambiance. 

Arrange these enchanting throw pillows on sofas, chairs, or benches to create an inviting and romantic atmosphere that will surely make your guests feel love on this special holiday.

13. Add Some Vintage Valentine’s Day Decor Throw Blankets

Complete your vintage Valentine’s Day decor with the addition of some beautifully designed throw blankets

These cozy and nostalgic pieces can instantly transform your home into a romantic haven.

Look for vintage-inspired patterns such as intricate lace motifs, delicate floral prints, or elegant damask designs. 

Opt for soft and luxurious fabrics like velvets or knits to enhance the warmth and comfort of your home. 

Drape these charming throw blankets over sofas, armchairs, or the foot of your bed to create a captivating visual focal point while also providing a cozy layer of warmth and texture. 

14. Use Old Vintage Valentine’s Day Decor Books

Incorporate a touch of vintage charm into your Valentine’s Day decor by utilizing old vintage books as unique and eye-catching centerpieces. 

Stack a collection of these timeless literary treasures on your dining table or mantelpiece to create a visually captivating holiday focal point. 

Vintage Valentine's Day Decor with wall art

Choose books with worn covers, faded pages, and intricate designs to enhance the nostalgic atmosphere. 

You can also add a romantic touch by placing small arrangements of flowers or candles on top of the book stacks. 

Whether you opt for classic love stories, poetry anthologies, or antique novels, incorporating old vintage books as centerpieces will add a sophisticated and whimsical element to your Valentine’s Day celebration.

15. Add Vintage Valentine’s Day Decor Flower Vases

Enhance the vintage ambiance of your Valentine’s Day decor by incorporating antique flower vases to showcase your beautiful floral arrangements. 

Vintage-inspired flower vases add a touch of elegance and nostalgia to your home, creating a romantic atmosphere that perfectly complements the holiday.

Look for vases with intricate designs, delicate motifs, and aged looks to capture the essence of vintage charm. 

Opt for a mix of different shapes, sizes, and materials to create visual interest and diversity in your vintage Valentine display

Whether featured as a standalone piece or arranged in clusters, vintage flower vases will effortlessly elevate your Valentine’s Day decor and create a timeless and enchanting setting for your home.

16. Repurpose Vintage Valentine’s Day Decor Teacups as Centerpieces

To further enhance the vintage charm of your Valentine’s Day decor, consider repurposing Valentines tea cups as unique centerpieces or decor elements.

Vintage Valentine's Day Decor wreath ideas

These delicate and ornate cups can add a classic touch to your display, creating a focal point that is both elegant and nostalgic.

Simply fill the tea cups with small arrangements of flowers, such as roses or baby’s breath, and place them strategically throughout your home. 

The dainty size of the tea cups allows for versatility in placement, whether it’s on a mantel, dining table, or sideboard. 

The combination of the vintage tea cups and the vibrant blooms will create a romantic and visually captivating centerpiece that will surely impress your loved ones. 

Vintage Valentine's Day Decor pins 4

Final thoughts

Incorporating vintage elements into your Valentine’s Day decor is a simple and charming way to add a unique touch to your holiday home.

From repurposing old love letters to creating a display of vintage photographs, there are endless possibilities for creating a romantic and nostalgic home decor display. 

By mixing old and new, you can create a truly special and personalized space to celebrate the holiday with your loved ones. 

So why not give these easy vintage decor ideas a try this Valentine’s Day?

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Your turn

What kind of Valentine’s Day decor ideas do you have? Have you thought about adding some vintage Valentine’s Day decor items to your home? Let me know in the comments.


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