23 Fun Family Reunion Games and Activities for Kids and Adults

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Are you getting ready for the entire family to gather for your reunion and searching for a great way to add some fun activities to your event? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for the best ways to enjoy family reunion games and activities at your family gatherings.

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Family reunions are a time-honored tradition that brings together both immediate and extended family members from near and far.

This event helps reconnect the whole family to reminisce about family stories and create new memories.

As the world becomes increasingly fast-paced and technology-driven, these gatherings provide a much-needed opportunity to unplug and spend quality time with both older and younger family members.

However, finding the perfect way to plan a fun family reunion that younger children, different age groups, and elderly family members all find fun and ensure a good time can be a challenging task.

That’s where the list of family reunion games comes in.

family reunion games for all ages

Adding the perfect game and a great activity at your reunion can serve as a fun and engaging way to break the ice, foster family bonding, and create fun memories among family members.

From classic games like a relay race to tug of war to an egg race relay to more unique ideas such as family trivia or photo family trivia, there is no shortage of options that are so much fun to choose from. 

Whether you’re looking for fun games for a small gathering or a large family size reunion with lots of team members to play outdoor games, we’ve compiled the best games to make your family reunion a fun and memorable experience for all.

So, send out some family reunion invitations and get ready to enjoy a great time with family members both near and far.

23 Fun Family Reunion Games and Activities for Kids and Adults 1

1. Host a Family Talent Show for the Best Family Reunion Activities

Family Game Ideas

For a memorable and entertaining family reunion activity, host a family talent show.

The best part of this engaging event is that it brings together individuals of all ages to showcase their unique talents and abilities. 

Whether it’s singing, dancing, acting, or even showcasing a hidden talent for small or large groups, a talent show provides a platform for family members to express themselves creatively while fostering a sense of camaraderie and togetherness. 

It encourages family members to support and cheer each other on in a fun way creating a positive and encouraging atmosphere. 

Additionally, hosting a talent show allows family members to discover hidden talents, creating an opportunity for bonding and discovering new aspects of one another. 

Easily make this a great game by providing inexpensive printable ballots on Etsy or index cards to your family to write the person’s name of their favorite talent to pick winners.

Be sure to provide fun prizes to the winners of the talent show.

2. Host a Fun Competition Potato Sack Race for a Perfect Family Reunion Game Idea

Keep the fun going at your gathering, with a fun-filled potato sack race.

This nostalgic and fun activity is sure to entertain family members of all ages and have everyone smiling. 

Divide participants into teams and provide each team with a burlap sack for them to step in. 

Mark out a clear starting point for the first person/first player and finish line, and let the race begin.

The objective is for each participant to hop forward in their sack, with the first team to have all members cross the finish line declared the winners. 

3. Play Some Fun Family Reunion Games like a Scavenger Hunt

A popular family reunion game idea is to set up a fun and festive scavenger hunt

A standard scavenger hunt is one of the fun traditional games to offer, but for this party – add a fun twist! 

Whether you choose to organize your scavenger hunt into groups of team members or just have a solo event, set up different things all around your backyard, or even throughout your neighborhood, for a fantastic way to keep guests entertained and create lasting memories during your family reunion party.

4. Host a DIY Game of Olympics to Celebrate Your Family Reunion

Family Playing Party Games Tug of War

Another fun game idea is to host a backyard Olympics event to add an exciting twist to your family celebration. 

This festive and energetic group game allows guests to participate in friendly competitions while celebrating their strong family bonds. 

To enhance the fun atmosphere, decorate the Olympic stations with international countries’ colors and flags.

Here are a few backyard Olympic game ideas for your reunion:

Obstacle Course: Design a challenging obstacle course using items like cones, tires, ropes, and tunnels. Time guests as they navigate through the course for medals.

Three-Legged Race: Guests pair up and tie one leg to their partner’s leg. The pairs then race to the finish line.

Egg and Spoon Race: Participants balance an egg on a spoon while racing to the finish line without dropping it.

Tug of War: Divide guests into two teams and see which team can pull the other across a designated line first.

Basketball Shooting Contest: Set up a basketball hoop and see who can sink the most shots in a timed competition.

Mini Golf Tournament: Create a backyard mini-golf course with obstacles and see who can complete it with the fewest strokes.

Target Archery: Set up a target and provide toy bows and suction cup arrows for guests to practice their archery skills.

Disc Golf Course: Create a DIY disc golf course in your backyard using designated targets and see who can complete it in the fewest throws.

Bocce Ball Tournament: Set up a bocce ball court and organize a friendly tournament to see who has the best aim and strategy.

Long Jump: Mark a starting line and see who can jump the farthest from a standing position.

5. Have a Jigsaw Puzzle Race for Best Family Reunion Ideas for Family Members of All Ages

Another exciting and engaging activity to include in your family reunion is a jigsaw puzzle race

This easy game idea is suitable for family members of all ages and encourages teamwork and friendly competition. 

Divide your family into players teams and provide each team with a jigsaw puzzle of similar difficulty.

Set a timer and the first team to complete their puzzle is the winning team. 

6. Enjoy a Family Reunion Pool Party with Fun Water Games

Pool Party Ideas

For your family reunion, why not make a splash with an unforgettable pool party filled with fun games and activities? 

Transform your backyard oasis into a tropical paradise by decorating the pool area with summer-season floaties, balloons, and themed party decorations. 

Keep your family entertained with classic pool games such as:

Marco Polo: A classic pool game where one player closes their eyes and tries to tag other players by calling out “Marco” while they respond with “Polo” without leaving the pool.

Water Volleyball: Set up a net across the pool and divide players into teams for a fun game of volleyball with a splashy twist.

Water Obstacle Course: Create a water obstacle course where guests can race against each other or simply navigate the course for fun.

Water Basketball: Install a floating basketball hoop in the pool and have guests shoot hoops while treading water or from the pool deck.

Mermaid Races: Encourage guests to swim like mermaids or mermen from one end of the pool to the other, using their best underwater swimming techniques.

Splash Tag: A variation of tag where the person who is “it” tries to tag other players by splashing them with water.

Inflatable Bull Riding Contest: Set up an inflatable bull or animal float in the pool and see who can stay on the longest.

Underwater Treasure Hunt: Toss coins or small toys into the pool and have guests dive to collect them. The person who retrieves the most treasures wins a prize.

Whether you’re diving for treasures, participating in an obstacle course contest, or playing water volleyball, a pool party filled with family fun games will keep your loved ones entertained and create lasting memories of a fun-filled family reunion.

7. Grab Water Balloons for a Fun Game of Water Balloon Toss to Beat the Summer Heat at the Family Reunion

family reunion games with water

If your family reunion is in the hot days of summer, it’s important to find enjoyable ways to stay cool during your family reunion. 

One simple game to include in your party is the classic water balloon toss game

For a great game of water fun, grab a pack of water balloons and gather your friends and family for some friendly competition. 

The goal of these backyard games is simple – toss the water balloon back and forth without it breaking. 

This simple idea of this game is not only fun but the best part is that it’s a great way to beat the heat while having fun at your party. 

8. Include a DIY Photo Booth at the Family Reunion Party and Pick the Best Selfie

Setting up a DIY photo booth is a delightful way to capture family memories and add a touch of fun to your backyard reunion. 

Create a designated area with a backdrop featuring fun family reunion decorations.

Gather an assortment of props such as star shapes on sunglasses, hats, boas, fireworks display themed accessories, and American flag necklaces. 

Encourage guests to strike poses, laugh, and have fun while taking snapshots with friends and family. 

Provide a selfie ring light with a stand for easy self-service photography, or designate a friend to act as the photographer. 

Grab a photo printer so guests can print out and hang their selfies for everyone to see.

Have party guests vote on who wins for the most fun and patriotic picture.

9. Family Trivia Printable Games is One of the Best Family Reunion Games

A printable family trivia game set is a fantastic addition to any family reunion.

These interesting games offer a unique opportunity for family members to come together and test their knowledge about their shared history, traditions, and experiences.

fun family reunion games

With a wide range of questions and games covering various topics like word search, family names, family trivia games, and charades, ensure that everyone can participate and contribute their own insights. 

Find an ideal place to set up the playing area for the family reunion printable games and you’ll help create some best stories and memories among relatives.

If you need quick printable family reunion games, easily grab a cheap game on Etsy for an instant digital download.

10. Feature Lawn Games During the Family Reunion Party

family reunion games olympics

Celebrate the spirit of family and add a touch of friendly competition to your reunion by featuring a selection of backyard lawn games. 

These great activity games not only provide entertainment but also create some friendly competition among your family. 

Here is a list of some fun lawn games to set up at your family reunion:

Ladder Toss: Players throw bolas (two balls connected by a string) at a ladder-shaped target, aiming to wrap them around the rungs for points.

Kan Jam: Teams take turns throwing a frisbee at a can while their partner tries to deflect or slam the frisbee into the can.

Giant Four in a Row: A supersized version of the classic game where players take turns dropping colored disks into a vertical frame, aiming to get four in a row.

Ring Toss: Set up bottles or pegs of varying heights and have players toss rings to try to land them around the objects for points.

Giant Twister: Create a DIY version of Twister using spray paint to make colorful circles on your lawn. Guests will have a blast trying to contort themselves to match the calls.

Capture the Flag: Divide guests into two teams and set up territories with flags. The objective is to capture the other team’s flag and bring it back to your territory without being tagged.

Giant Tic-Tac-Toe: Draw a large tic-tac-toe grid on a tarp or use rope on the lawn. Provide large X and O pieces for players to place as they try to get three in a row.

Horseshoes: Set up stakes in the ground and have players take turns tossing horseshoes, aiming to land them around the stake for points.

Bubble Soccer: Rent or purchase inflatable bubble suits for guests to wear while playing a game of soccer. The bubbles add an extra layer of fun and hilarity to the game.

Glow-in-the-Dark Lawn Games: As the sun sets, switch to glow-in-the-dark versions of games like ring toss, frisbee, or lawn bowling by adding glow sticks to the equipment.

Balloon Dart Board: Inflate different colors of balloons like red, white, and blue balloons, and attach them to a corkboard or wooden backdrop. Players take turns throwing darts to pop the balloons and earn points.

Hula Hoop Ring Toss: Set up a series of stakes or poles at varying distances in your yard. Each stake has a different point value. Players take turns tossing hula hoops, aiming to land them around the stakes. The closer they get to the target stake, the more points they earn. It’s a fun twist on the classic ring toss game, adding the challenge of using hula hoops as the rings.

These classic family games are a great idea to create a fun vibe and encourage everyone to engage in friendly competition.

11. Host a Fun-Filled Limbo Contest at the Family Reunion

A limbo contest adds an element of lighthearted fun to your backyard 4th of July party, inviting guests to test their flexibility and balance. 

Set up a limbo stick low to the ground and cue up some upbeat music to set the mood. 

Participants take turns bending backward and shimmying under the stick without touching it or falling over. 

As the limbo bar gradually lowers with each successful pass, the challenge intensifies, eliciting cheers and laughter from party guests. 

12. Family Photo Album Family Trivia Creates Lasting Family Reunion Memories

Another meaningful way to create lasting memories during a family reunion is using a family photo album.

Gathering photographs from different generations and compiling them into a beautifully designed album or on a bulletin board allows family members to reminisce and share stories about their past.

The photo album becomes a visual timeline showcasing cherished moments, milestones, and the growth of the family over the years.

To make this into a fun family history game, label each picture with a number and have your family guess where the photo was taken or the year it was from.

Father's Day Party Games Jenga

Another fun game idea for your family reunion is a large-scale Jenga game.

This popular game provides a fun and interactive experience for family of all ages.

By using oversized wooden blocks, your family will take turns carefully removing a block from the tower and placing it on top without causing the entire structure to collapse.

While giant Jenga requires strategy and balance, it also encourages laughter and friendly competition with your entire family. 

14. Grab Bean Bags and a Cornhole Set for Fun Games at the Family Reunion

An easy way to get everyone in a party mood is to set up some bean bags and a cornhole set at your reunion. 

Cornhole, a beloved American pastime, involves tossing bean bags toward strategically placed holes on a wooden board. 

By providing a cornhole set complete with bean bags, you can create a fun and festive set of outdoor games that are a blast for your family.

15. Play a Family Reunion Bingo Game for Fun Activity Ideas

family reunion games bingo

Another entertaining option to include in your party lineup is a classic game of family reunion bingo.

With its simple rules and universal appeal, family style bingo can provide fun for all ages. 

Grab your cheap family reunion printable bingo game on Etsy for a quick and cheap game idea.

16. Enjoy Outdoor Games Like a Family Flag Football Game at the Reunion

For the football enthusiast family, what better way to celebrate time together than enjoying outdoor games like a lively flag football game? 

This classic sport brings together family for a day of friendly competition and fun.

Father's Day Party Games Football Fun

The football fan family can showcase their football skills and amazing passion for the game while creating unforgettable memories with loved ones.

From strategic plays to exhilarating touchdowns, flag football provides an opportunity for the whole family to join in for all the fun.

Regardless of age or experience level, the sound of cheering and laughter filling the air will make a family reunion flag football game fun for all.

17. Enjoy a Human Ring Toss to Get the Whole Family Giggling with Family Reunion Games

A unique and entertaining activity that is sure to get the whole family giggling at your gathering is a game of fun inflatable ring toss.

This interactive and engaging game involves participants taking turns tossing inflatable rings and attempting to toss them into targets. 

The targets can be set up at varying distances and heights to add an extra level of challenge and excitement. 

18. Create a Family Tree Game and Activity at the Family Reunion Gathering

Mother's Day Party Games Family Tree Ideas

To celebrate the connections within families feature a family tree game.

To play, create a large family tree poster or board and hang it prominently in the backyard reunion space. 

Then, provide family members with colored pens.

Next, the game goes like this:

Building the Tree: Encourage family members to add their names, as well as the names of their immediate family members to the appropriate branches of the family tree. They can use different colored pens to represent different generations or branches of the family.

Family Tree Chart to Fill in

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Sharing Stories: As family members add their names to the tree, invite them to share stories or memories about their family. These can be funny anecdotes, touching moments, or words of family love and appreciation. Encourage everyone to listen and celebrate each other’s family stories.

Creating a Keepsake: Throughout the party, family members can continue adding names, stories, and decorations to the family tree. By the end of the celebration, the family tree becomes a beautiful keepsake filled with memories and connections shared by everyone.

Honoring Family: At the conclusion of the game, take a moment to acknowledge and honor all the family present. Each guest can share a few words of appreciation or love the family in their lives, further emphasizing the importance of family bonds and family love.

19. Set Up a Board Game Station for All Ages to Enjoy During the Family Reunion

Setting out board games during your family reunion offers a cozy and engaging option for everyone seeking a break from outdoor backyard activities or looking for some friendly competition for all ages. 

Arrange a selection of fun games on a table or blanket in a shaded area, inviting family to gather around and enjoy some classic board game fun. 

Choose family fun games that cater to a variety of interests and age groups, from classic favorites like Monopoly or Sorry to other party games like The Floor is Lava

The familiar click of dice, the strategic placement of tiles, and the burst of laughter from a successful play create a great holiday atmosphere and fun memories during your family get together.

20. Enjoy a Family Reunion Paint and Sip

Mother's Day Party Games and Paint and Sip Activities

Indulge in creativity and fun with an enjoyable paint event as part of your family reunion gathering.

Set up a designated painting area with easels, canvases, and a variety of paint colors and brushes. 

Invite a professional artist or provide step-by-step painting tutorials to guide your family through the artistic process. 

240 PCS Professional Painting Set

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To enhance the experience, offer a selection of fun drinks for all ages to enjoy while they unleash their inner artist. 

This activity provides a fun and engaging way for all family to express their creativity, bond with loved ones, and create unique works of art to cherish.

21. Feature Competitive Challenges Card Games for the Family Reunion

When it comes to celebrating family, why not take the competitive spirit up a notch with some thrilling card games?

Card games have long been a popular choice for family gatherings and friendly competitions. 

Father's Day Party Card Game Ideas

Whether it’s a strategic game of Poker that tests your family’s bluffing skills or a fast-paced round of Euchre that keeps everyone on their toes, card games offer a fun and engaging way to have a fun time at the party.

Including family favorite games like Blackjack or some modern favorites like Exploding Kittens, your family is sure to love a card game that will bring excitement and laughter to the celebration.

22. Set Up a Classic Game of Pin for a Family Who Has a Love of the Lanes

For a family tree with a love of the lanes, a classic game of bowling would be the perfect addition to your family reunion celebration. 

Set up a mini bowling alley in your backyard or living room with a portable bowling set

This nostalgic game will bring back memories of fun family bowling days and provide a great and competitive activity for the entire family at the reunion. 

Whether it’s a strike, spare, or a few gutter balls, the shared laughter and friendly competition will create lasting memories for both your immediate and extended family.

23. Family Feud is One of the Fun Family Reunion Ideas

family reunion games and awards

To add a touch of friendly competition and strengthen family bonds set up the classic game of printable family reunion Family Feud.

This fun family game pits family member teams against each other as they try to guess the most popular answers to survey questions.

The lively and interactive nature of Family Feud encourages laughter, teamwork, and fun among relatives.

Grab a cheap printable game on Etsy for a quick digital download option.

23 Fun Family Reunion Games and Activities for Kids and Adults 2

Final thoughts

By featuring fun and engaging games at your family reunion you can help ensure a fun experience for all that they will surely talk about for a long time to come.

From a classic card game with card decks to group ball games to a board game challenge to an obstacle course to corn hole to a family scavenger hunt, there are endless ways to bring your family together for fun at your next family reunion.

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Your turn 

Are you planning a party with your family this year? Which of these family reunion games and activities are you adding to your party? Let me know in the comments.

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