8 Cheap Fall Decorations for Your Home

cheap fall decor for home
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Are you looking for inflation-busting cheap fall decorations for your home? Read on for dollar stretching, inexpensive, and fabulous fall decorating ideas.

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As we say farewell to summer and hello to a new season, let me be one of the first to wish you, a happy fall ya’ll!

The days are getting shorter, and the evenings are cooler, which means fall is upon us – it’s officially time to decorate! 

However, as inflation is causing us to pay more for (what feels like) everything, you may think skimping on fall decorating is a must this year. 

Think again! Seriously!

I found 8 cheap fall decorations for your home to make it look great this year. Read on for great inflation-busting ideas for decorating your home this fall.

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First things first. I love The Dollar Tree. Like, love!

I often marvel at the amazing things I find during every one of my in-person trips or online visits. They seriously have everything for the holidays. 

The Dollar Tree for Cheap Decoration for Holidays

If you’ve read my blog, you know we moved into our new-to-us 1960s fixer-upper home and, with all the improvement projects, money was tight. 

In search of fun (and cheap) decorating ideas, I joined several Dollar Tree crafts and decor Facebook groups. 

These groups are amazing and have provided a ton of inspiration for home holiday decor, all cheap, and all from The Dollar Tree. 

After a few months of seeing the group members’ creations, I was hooked on The Dollar Tree holiday (and everything else) decorating ideas.

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1. Front Door Signs Make the Best Cheap Fall Decorations

The front door is one of the first things seen upon arrival at a friend or family member’s home.

It serves as the main entrance to the home, and more importantly, welcomes family, friends, and guests to come on in. 

cheap fall decorations for home front door

Make everyone feel welcome to your home with a fall wooden front door sign. 

For only $1.25, The Dollar Tree has a variety of fall front door signs in various themes. My personal favorite is the Farm Fresh Fall with an adorable red truck. 

To find your perfect front door fall wood sign click here.

2. Welcome Home Mat is a Great Cheap Fall Decoration

After you have selected the perfect fall front door sign, complement it with a fall welcome mat

After the front door, guests will notice the front porch mat immediately.

Make sure to select a front porch mat that looks great and bonus points if it matches the welcome door wood sign. 

3. Kitchen or Dining Room Table Floral Arrangements Make Great Cheap Fall Decorations

Referring back to the Dollar Tree Facebook groups I joined, I can’t believe some of the amazing floral arrangement ideas I’ve seen for kitchen or dining room tables. 

It’s amazing how a few faux fall flowers, combined with a DIY fall vase, can transform a kitchen or dining room table into a masterpiece.

cheap fall decorations for home

Add some faux fall flowers to a vase (all available at The Dollar Tree) – voila – cheap fall decoration for the kitchen or dining room table.

4. Fabric Glitter Pumpkins are Great Cheap Fall Decorations for the Home

Although I usually try to keep my love of glitter toned down, I might be a little too excited for fabric glitter pumpkins this year. 

I’ve seen fabric pumpkins, what seems like, everywhere. It makes my heart happy that glitter fabric pumpkins are in style. 

cheap fall decorations for home front door

Save money on the expensive fabric pumpkins and opt for one from The Dollar Tree. 

Yep – for only $1.25 you can have the trendy fall decoration like the one here.

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5. Holiday Metal Yard Signs Look Great For Fall Home Ideas

I purchased a fall metal yard sign at a local craft show a few years ago. One fall metal yard sign turned into two, then three, then four… you get the picture – I have a collection of fall metal signs now.

Holiday fall metal yard signs are a perfect way to dress up your front yard. However, with inflation, several stores have vastly increased the prices on front yard metal signs.

I found a bunch of cute fall-themed metal signs for, you guessed it, $1.25. 

If you want to grab a front yard cheap metal fall decoration sign check it out here.

6. Door and Window Clings are Perfect for Fall Decorations

Glass windows and door clings are a timeless way to decorate for all holidays – fall is no exception. 

When I was growing up, one of my favorite ways to decorate was to add holiday window clings in our kitchen.

Easy to use, fall window clings are perfect for kids to participate in the fall decorating festivities.

Pro tip: Brighten a senior citizens’ day at a local nursing home with fall-themed window clings. Easy to take on and off, with no mess, they are perfect to place on a senior’s window to decorate for fall.

Pro tip: Fall window clings are perfect for classroom decorations, and for $1.25, they make a cheap fall decoration for the classroom.

7. Fall Table Placemats are Perfect for Decorating the Budget-Friendly Way

I found a bunch of cute placemats that pair perfectly with the faux fall flower arrangements at my local Dollar Tree

To dress up any table, a fall placemat is perfect.

Pro tip: The Dollar Tree has amazing fall placemats, and when you shop online, can be purchased in bulk for fabulous deals.

Check out the 13×18 inch Home Collection Tapestry placemats here.
The hello fall with the blue truck is my favorite!

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8. Fall Dinnerware Complements the Decor of the Entire Home

If you are ready to host a party this fall, grab some perfect fall-themed dinnerware.

Dress up any holiday table with fabulous fall-themed plates and dinnerware from The Dollar Tree.

Fun, fall, and frugal, these holiday plates will be a hit.

Click here to shop The Dollar Tree’s website for dinnerware and have all your online items sent directly to your local store for free.

Pro tip: If you are short on time (like me) you can order The Dollar Tree items through instacart

Final thoughts

I’m ready for the cool, crisp evenings of fall. Grab your favorite hoodie and pumpkin-spiced latte and join me in decorating the inflation-busting way this year.

cheap fall decor for home

Your turn!

Who is excited about fall decorating? What cheap fall decorations for your home are you planning this year? Let me know in the comments!

16 thoughts on “8 Cheap Fall Decorations for Your Home”

  1. These are such cute ideas for fall! Thank you for sharing. I don’t always have a good eye for color.

    1. Hi Yara! I’m so glad you liked the fall decorating ideas! Thank you for reading and commenting!

  2. The dollar tree is my go to spot for cute cheap diy ideas. Some very nice ideas you gave

    1. Hi Rae! I love The Dollar Tree so much! Thank you for reading!

  3. I love the Dollar Tree for seasonal decorating!! I really love your suggestion to brighten a senior citizen’s place with window stickers. It is amazing what an impact something so small can have on their spirits. Thanks for sharing these great finds!

    1. Hi Karen! I love my Dollar Tree finds – hope you find great fall decor! Thank you for reading!

  4. I’m still not ready but great suggestions! lol I love dollar tree!

    1. Hi Michelle! I know what your mean about not being ready to change from summer to fall. I love summer but enjoy decorating for fall. Thank you for reading!

  5. Hi there Debbie
    Thanks so much for sharing and this just came at the right time, im hopeless at decorating and do feel like I have two left hands when it comes to creative stuff so this post is a real welcome.
    I recently moved house and it`s still so plain so while looking for decorating ideas, your site came up and im really grateful for these easy to follow tips.Thanks again.

    1. Hi Roselyne! I’m so glad you found the Fall Decorating tips helpful. I hope you enjoy your new home and fall this year. Thank you for reading!

  6. I need to check out dollar tree! I want to decorate my office at work but don’t want to spend a bunch of money on it so this will be a good way to do it!

  7. Great post! I love the idea of a mat, quick and easy!

    1. Hi Liv! Fall mats are quick and easy! Happy fall! Thank you for reading!

  8. You offer some great ideas! I can’t wait to decorate for fall!

    1. Hi Vaishali!

      I’m excited you found some great ideas and wallet-friendly tips. Thank you for reading!

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