Best Fun Fall Party Games and Activities in 2024

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Are you hosting a fall celebration to welcome the new season, and cooler weather, and enjoy this special time of year? If so you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got you covered with the best fall party games to make this great time of year extra fun.

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As the crisp autumn air descends and the leaves begin to change colors, it is the perfect time to gather friends and the whole family for a festive fall party.

In addition to delicious treats like apple cider and seasonal decorations, no fall gathering is complete without a bunch of fall party games.

From great ideas like an fall scavenger hunt, and obstacle course to creative new games like candy corn bowling, fall party games like seasonal word scramble quizzes sprinkle in added fun and excitement to your gathering.

Whether you are hosting a fall birthday party, an autumn festival, a Halloween party, a Thanksgiving feast, or simply a seasonal get-together, fall games are the perfect way to delight guests of all ages.

To help you find fun ideas for games, we will explore a variety of fun party theme games that are sure to delight everyone on your autumn celebration guest list. 

So without further ado, grab a cup of cider, invite friends and family, and get ready to enjoy a day of laughter and fun with these fall party games.

21 Best Fun Fall Party Games and Activities 1

1. Invite Guests to a Fun Fall Season Scavenger Hunt

A fall scavenger hunt is a great activity that can be enjoyed by all ages – from younger kids to adults.

To get the game going, hand out a fall scavenger hunt printable from Etsy with a list of items related to the autumn season.

fall party games scavenger hunt

This activity not only encourages players to explore during the fall season, but also promotes small group teamwork, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. 

Additionally, a fall season scavenger hunt can be easily customized to fit different party themes and age groups.

2. Enjoy Fun Fall Games Like Pumpkin Patch Pumpkin Bowling

Another entertaining game that showcases the spirit of autumn is pumpkin bowling.

This seasonal game idea involves setting up a makeshift bowling alley using pins and a small pumpkin as a bowling ball.

fall party games pumpkin bowling

Participants take turns rolling the pumpkin toward the pins, aiming to knock down as many as possible with each roll. 

Grab a budget-friendly printable bowling scorecard on Etsy to keep track of the best pumpkin bowlers.

The game not only provides a fun and interactive way to celebrate the fall season but also incorporates an element of skill and precision.

Players can strategize their pumpkin game rolls, adjust their aim, and compete against friends or family members. 

3. Feature Fall Party Ideas Like a Classic Game With Obstacle Courses

To add an extra layer of excitement to your fall party, feature classic obstacle courses with a starting line and a finish line. 

Design a challenging obstacle course using items like cones, tires, ropes, and tunnels. Time guests as they navigate through the course for medals.

By infusing a classic game with obstacle courses into your fall party, you can create lasting memories and a sense of camaraderie from young kids to adults and every age in between.

4. A Pumpkin Carving Party Makes for a Fun Fall Party Idea

An excellent way to infuse creativity and seasonal spirit into your fall party is by hosting a pumpkin carving contest. 

This entertaining activity provides a perfect opportunity for guests to showcase their artistic skills and craft unique designs on pumpkins. 

fall party games pumpkin carving

Set up carving stations and provide some great pumpkin carving tools like, stencils, and plenty of pumpkins of various sizes for guests to choose from. 

Encourage party guests to unleash their imagination and create intricate patterns or traditional jack-o’-lantern faces.

Be sure to hold a contest where everyone can vote for the best pumpkin with some easy-to-print pumpkin carving voting ballots.

5. Apple Picking and Apple Bobbing Are Fun Fall Festival Ideas

In addition to pumpkin carving, apple picking, and apple bobbing are popular fall festival activities that can bring joy and excitement to your event. 

Start gathering apples either from a trip to an orchard, farmers market, or your local store.

fall party games apple bobbing

Apple bobbing is a classic and fun-filled fall party game that promises to delight guests of all ages. 

The game involves filling a large plastic bucket, tub, or basin with water and adding several apples, which naturally float on the surface. 

Participants take turns trying to catch an apple using only their mouths, with their hands often held behind their backs to make it more challenging. 

For a fun idea, fill several tubs so each participant has their own basin and the first person to grab an apple with their mouth wins some small prizes.

This activity not only brings out laughter and excitement as players duck and dive to grasp an elusive apple, but it also taps into the spirit of autumn harvest traditions. 

Bobbing for apples is a great way to add a touch of nostalgia and friendly competition to your fall festivities. 

6. Add Some Lawn Games for Fall Party Fun

Setting up backyard lawn games for your fall party is a fantastic way to entertain guests while enjoying the crisp autumn weather. 

Here is a list of some fun lawn games to set up at your event:

Ladder Toss: Players throw bolas (two balls connected by a string) at a ladder-shaped target, aiming to wrap them around the rungs for points.

Kan Jam: Teams take turns throwing a frisbee at a can while their partner tries to deflect or slam the frisbee into the can.

Giant Four in a Row: A supersized version of the classic game where players take turns dropping colored disks into a vertical frame, aiming to get four in a row.

Ring Toss: Set up bottles or pegs of varying heights and have players toss rings to try to land them around the objects for points.

Giant Twister: Create a DIY version of Twister using spray paint to make colorful circles on your lawn. Guests will have a blast trying to contort themselves to match the calls.

Capture the Flag: Divide guests into two teams and set up territories with flags. The objective is to capture the other team’s flag and bring it back to your territory without being tagged.

Giant Tic-Tac-Toe: Draw a large tic-tac-toe grid on a tarp or use rope on the lawn. Provide large X and O pieces for players to place as they try to get three in a row.

Horseshoes: Set up stakes in the ground and have players take turns tossing horseshoes, aiming to land them around the stake for points.

Bubble Soccer: Purchase inflatable bubble suits for guests to wear and let the fun games begin.

Glow-in-the-Dark Lawn Games: As the sun sets, switch to glow-in-the-dark versions of games like ring toss, frisbee, or lawn bowling by adding glow sticks to the equipment.

Balloon Dart Board: Inflate different colors of balloons like red, white, and blue balloons, and attach them to a corkboard or wooden backdrop. Players take turns throwing darts to pop the balloons and earn points.

Hula Hoop Ring Toss: Set up a series of stakes or poles at varying distances in your yard. Each stake has a different point value. Players take turns tossing hula hoops, aiming to land them around the stakes. The closer they get to the target stake, the more points they earn. It’s a fun twist on the classic ring toss game, adding the challenge of using hula hoops as the rings.

These classic fall lawn games are a great idea to create a fun vibe and encourage everyone to engage in friendly competition.

7. Host a Harvest Festival Chili Cook-off

An engaging addition to your fall party lineup could be a harvest festival chili cook-off. 

fall party games chili cookoff

This friendly competition not only showcases the culinary talents of the chefs but also provides a warm and comforting treat that perfectly complements the crisp autumn air. 

Grab an easy to download budget-friendly printable chili cookoff kit from Etsy complete with digital download instantly available ballots, scorecards, awards, and more.

8. Fall Festival Printable Games Are a Fun Idea

In addition to the culinary delights of a chili cook-off, incorporating printable fall games can enhance the festive vibe of your event.

These inexpensive easy to download instant printable fall themed games offer a fun and interactive way for guests of all ages to participate. 

There are a variety of budget-friendly digital download printable games on Etsy such as autumn-themed word searches, fall crossword puzzles, and seasonal word scramble quizzes to provide entertainment during your harvest party. 

9. Engage in Fall Activities and Outdoor Games Like a Corn Maze Race

Take your fall party to the next level with a fun-filled corn maze race. 

This activity offers a thrilling and competitive experience for participants, fostering teamwork and strategic thinking as they navigate through the twists and turns of the maze. 

fall party games corn maze

The maze race is not only a fun way to engage guests but also encourages physical activity and outdoor exploration, enhancing the overall autumn-themed experience. 

Whether you plan a visit to an area corn maze or make a DIY version in your own backyard, it’s a great way to create lasting memories for all your guests.

10. DIY Fall Game Ideas for Fun Parties

Another engaging outdoor activity to include in your fall party is adding a hay bale obstacle course. 

By utilizing hay bales as obstacles, you can create a challenging and entertaining course for guests to navigate through. 

fall party games DIY fun fall games

This DIY game not only adds a rustic and festive touch to your event but also provides a unique physical challenge for participants. 

The hay bale obstacle course encourages agility, coordination, and problem-solving skills, making it an exciting addition to your outdoor games lineup. 

Guests of all ages can enjoy this interactive experience, promoting inclusivity and active participation in your fall party celebration.

11. Fun Games Like Caramel Apples Decorating is Great for Fall Holidays

fall party games caramel l apple decorating

A delightful and creative activity to incorporate into your fall party is adding a caramel apple decorating station. 

This hands-on experience allows guests to personalize their own caramel apples with a variety of toppings, such as chocolate drizzle, sprinkles, crushed nuts, and more. 

The colorful and appetizing outcome of this game not only serves as a delicious treat but also as a fun and interactive way for attendees to express their creativity. 

Be sure to have everyone vote for the most creative looking sweet treat for an added twist to the fall party activity.

12. Candy Corn Counting Jar Contest is an Easy Game for Fall

For fun for all ages, set up a candy corn counting jar.

This fun fall-themed contest is an engaging activity where party guests are invited to estimate the number of candy corn pieces inside the jar. 

fall party games candy corn counting

This easy game not only encourages friendly competition but also provides an opportunity for individuals to practice their estimation abilities. 

Additionally, the autumn colors of the candy corn and the festive fall theme make this printable counting game a visually appealing addition to any autumn gathering table decor.

13. The Scarecrow Decorating Contest is Great For Kids of All Ages

Hosting a scarecrow decorating contest is a fantastic way to engage children of all ages in a creative and hands-on activity during any fall event. 

This contest allows participants to showcase their artistic skills and imaginative thinking by designing their own unique scarecrow. 

fall party games scarecrow decorating contest

It provides an opportunity for kids and adults to express themselves artistically while getting into the spirit of the fall season. 

The process of decorating the scarecrow can also foster a sense of teamwork and collaboration among your party guests as they work together to bring their scarecrow creations to life. 

Another good idea is to grab some printable scarecrow voting ballots so everyone can vote on their favorite scarecrow and the winning team or individual gets a prize.

14. Apple Pie Eating Contest Is Fun For the Entire Family

Another great activity that can be enjoyed by the entire family at a fall event is hosting an apple pie eating contest. 

fall party games apple pie eating contest

This lively competition adds an element of excitement and friendly rivalry to your party, as participants vie to see who can gobble up a delicious slice of apple pie the quickest. 

Kids and adults alike can join in on the fun, making it a great way to bring everyone together for some light-hearted entertainment. 

15. Corn Hole is a Great Option for Fall Festival Games

One popular party game that can be a fantastic addition to any fall gathering is corn hole

This classic bean bag tossing game is not only simple to set up but also provides endless hours of entertainment for party attendees of all ages. 

From little ones testing their aim to adults engaging in friendly competition, corn hole offers a fun activity that can easily fit into the festive atmosphere of a fall event. 

Whether played casually or as part of a tournament, featuring a corn hole set is a sure to be a hit at your fall party.

16. Candy Corn Bowling is a Great Game Idea

One unique party game that can bring a touch of fun to your fall celebration is candy corn bowling

Grab a set on Amazon for an easy game that’s perfect for fall party ideas.

17. Leaf Jumping Makes a Great Game in the Fall

One of the timeless activities that never fails to evoke a sense of nostalgia and fun for all ages during the fall season is leaf jumping. 

Leaf jumping not only offers a playful outlet for energy but also allows participants to connect with nature and appreciate the beauty of the changing seasons. 

Whether it’s a spontaneous dive into a freshly raked pile or a carefully orchestrated game of who can jump the furthest, leaf jumping embodies the essence of fall and provides a simple and cheap game idea for your fall gathering.

18. Pumpkin Toss Activities Are Fun Fall Themed Games

Another entertaining and festive fall-themed game that brings a unique charm to autumn gatherings is a pumpkin toss. 

This classic activity combines elements of skill and competition, making it a hit among all ages. 

fall party games apple pumpkin toss

Participants take turns tossing small pumpkins into designated targets, aiming for accuracy and distance. 

The satisfying thud of a successful throw and the friendly rivalry that ensues create a lively atmosphere that adds to the excitement of your fall party. 

Whether played casually or as part of a structured competition, the pumpkin toss is a versatile game that never fails to bring laughter and joy to those partaking in the autumn festivities.

19. Enjoy a Football Season Backyard Game at a Fall Themed Party

To add a touch of athleticism and team spirit to your fall-themed gathering, set up a backyard football game. 

Father's Day Party Flag Football Games

Setting up a friendly flag football match or a game of touch football can create a fun and engaging activity for guests of all ages. 

The crisp autumn air, the colorful foliage, and the cheers from the game can enhance the overall vibe of your party. 

20. Karaoke Contest is a Perfect Game for Fall Fun

As the sun sets and the day transitions into a cooler evening during a fall party, start a karaoke contest

This fun live music event can inject a burst of excitement and entertainment into the fall party. 

Family Talent Show Ideas

With a wide selection of songs to choose from, guests can showcase their vocal talents or simply let loose and have some fun. 

Be sure to include some voting ballots so guests can vote on their favorite singer for the evening.

21. Charades is an Exciting Game at a Fall Party

Another fall favorite party game that never fails to elicit laughter and friendly competition is the classic game of Charades

Whether it’s guessing a Halloween movie title, mimicking an animal, or portraying a famous character, Charades sparks a sense of fun that can break the ice and create unforgettable moments during your fall gathering.

21 Best Fun Fall Party Games and Activities 2

Final thoughts

Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor activities and party games, we hope you found some inspiration for your next event.

From classic games like apple bobbing and pumpkin carving to printable fall games like seasonal word scramble quizzes or fall themed scavenger hunt, there are tons of options for all your guests. 

By featuring fun fall party games, you can enhance the festive spirit and provide a unique and enjoyable experience for all this autumn season.

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Your turn 

Are you hosting an autumn season event this year and looking for activities? Which of these fall party games is your favorite? Let me know in the comments.


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