24 Easy Bathroom Upgrade Ideas for Any Budget

easy bathroom upgrade ideas for your home
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If you are looking for easy bathroom upgrade ideas to transform your home – read on! We’ve got you covered!

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When we purchased our new-to-us 1960s home the main bathroom was missing a bathtub.

In fact, there was no bathtub in the entire house.

This wasn’t ideal for my family for two reasons: I enjoy a long, de-stressing soak in a tub after a long week and my dog (although isn’t a fan of baths) won’t take a shower, only a bath.

A couple of months after we moved in, we decided to redecorate the main bathroom and add a bathtub.

So, after renovating our bathroom, I compiled some great tips to help update your bathroom, too.

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#1: Select the Perfect Bathtub for Your Needs and Bathroom Size

Whether selecting a bathtub for kids, or pets, or for a relaxing evening at home – make sure to pick the bathtub that best suits the household’s needs. 

Select from bathtubs like these:

The acrylic soaking tub is family-friendly

This inexpensive choice is a no-frills option that is perfect for children and pets.

It provides all the necessities for bath time without adding unnecessary and expensive features.

Acrylic is a better choice over fiberglass as it’s resistant to fading, chipping, cracking, or peeling.

Walk-in tubs for safety

If slipping in and out of the bathtub is a concern – check out a walk-in tub.

Providing great peace of mind these tubs have a door that opens and secures while taking a bath.

Often, there are handrails and a seat for added stability.

These are ideal for those needing to relax but also having mobility issues.

Whirlpool tubs for relaxation

Taking a nice deep soak in a bathtub after a long day is known to be relaxing.

In addition, taking baths is known to improve sleep, reduce stress, improve cardiovascular health, burn calories, relax muscles, and provide pain relief.

Adding jets in a whirlpool tub can amplify the relaxation as well as provide additional muscle and pain relief.

#2: Consider Selecting a Shower-Only Bathroom Upgrade Option

If climbing over a bathtub is no longer a safe or wanted option – or if the standup shower is just plain dated – consider upgrading the shower-only portion of the bathroom.

Bathroom Upgrade Ideas shower

At our home, we have a stand-up shower in the downstairs bathroom and it’s very nice. It features marble-like tiles and built-in benches.

This is great for a modern and functional shower-only bathroom.

There are many types of stand-up shower-only choices that cater to the needs of homeowners.

Popular standup shower-only features:

Best for budget: A prefabricated shower

A prefabricated shower is the most budget-friendly option and typically is comprised of fiberglass or acrylic.

Produced as a supplier ready this shower can be dropped into the area of the bathroom simplistically and cost-effectively.

An ideal choice for contractors and budget-conscious homeowners, a prefabricated shower is known for its ease of installation.

Best for the mid-level shower: A walk-in shower

The walk-in shower is a very updated and popular choice for today’s bathrooms.

They often feature a small step-up to protect the main flooring area from water and moisture.

Walk-in showers typically have tile which offers a beautiful look. The price level can change from mid to high based on the tile or wall materials. 

Best for luxury: Steam shower

Steam showers are usually stand-alone, self-contained showers often made of glass.

The price tag is generally high for this type of shower; however, it has many health benefits.

Steam showers can help alleviate sinus and congestion issues as well as provide an upgraded relaxing feel.

They are also helpful to relieve chronic stress as well as improve sleep quality.

#3: Make a Statement with Great Tile and Grout for a Fabulous Bathroom Upgrade

Selecting the right color scheme and tile can take a bathroom from drab to wow.

It’s important to pick a tile color scheme that goes well with the rest of the bathroom decor.

In addition, make sure the tile matches the floor and the grout.

Bathroom Upgrade Ideas tile and grout ideas

Choices for bathroom tiles include:

Budget-friendly tile option: Peel and stick

Peel and stick are budget-friendly, easy to clean, and a great DIY choice. 

Mid-level tile option:

Mosaic tile is a mid-level choice that can be customized easily and is generally simple to clean.

There are so many different mosaic tiles that can come together to create a cohesive, stylish bathroom look and feel.

Luxury tile option:

Glass tile provides many benefits including durability, being easy to clean, and providing a better water absorbency rate as well as being hygienic. 

#4: Bathroom Upgrade Flooring Adds Function and Style

Between showers, baths, and sink usage the bathroom floor takes on lots of water.

Selecting a waterproof floor is necessary for health, cleanliness, and preventing structural damage.

The five most popular floor choices are:

Flooring Bathroom Upgrade Ideas

Best bathroom flooring for families and pet owners: Vinyl Sheet
If a child or pet loves to splash around and have water flowing all over the place, Vinyl Sheet flooring may be a good choice.

Through its design, it can take on more water than other floorings.

Best bathroom flooring for budget-friendly upgrades: Peel-and-stick
This vinyl flooring is trendy for an easy, cost-effective bathroom upgrade.

It’s simple to peel the back off and press directly over the existing flooring. Simple to cut with a craft knife or even scissors – this is an ideal way to upgrade the bathroom floor quickly and cheaply.

Best bathroom flooring for style: Waterproof Hardwood
Hardwood flooring creates a natural beauty in any room, however, it’s not typically waterproof.

This generally makes it a poor choice for bathrooms.

Enter waterproof hardwood.

There are several new brands on the market that create specially engineered flooring to allow for the beauty of hardwood while still taking on moisture and water without damage to the bathroom. 

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#5: Transform Your Bathroom with a Fabulous Vanity Upgrade

Known for both function and style, upgrading a vanity is an important step in any bathroom renovation. 

Vanities come in several different colors that can transform any bathroom.

Whether wanting a modern, traditional, or rustic farmhouse theme – there are endless choices.

Vanity Bathroom Upgrade Ideas

Make sure to consider the size of the bathroom and the need for storage before selecting a vanity.

Choosing the best type of vanity upgrade depends on the size, needs, and function of the bathroom.

  • Corner vanities: Ideal for powder rooms, oddly sized bathrooms, and small spaces. 
  • Double sink vanities: These are great for shared bathrooms when two people need to get ready at the same time.
  • Floating vanities: A number one choice for most bathrooms that are on the smaller size.

#6: A Vanity Top Upgrade Adds Style and Function to a Bathroom

The top of the vanity is extremely important as it’s a well-used portion of any bathroom.

From brushing teeth to getting ready with curling irons – the vanity top can take abuse. 

Vanity top Bathroom Upgrade Ideas

It’s important to select a vanity top that can withstand years of use. Some choices of vanity tops are:

#7: Bathroom Vanity Hardware Adds Style and Function

It’s often said it’s the little things in life that can be big. This is true with bathroom vanity hardware.

When purchasing a vanity be sure to check and see if the hardware is included.

Either way, consider upgrading the hardware for a more personalized and upgraded look.

Vanity pull Bathroom Upgrade Ideas

There are so many fabulous choices of handle pulls that can really transform a bathroom.

Select from pulls like:

There are also knobs like:

  • Crystal 
  • Clear 
  • Bronze 
  • Black 
  • Oil-rubbed 
  • Chrome 

There are several knob designs as well like:

  • Round
  • Square
  • Novelty
  • Unique
  • Glass

#8: Easy Bathroom Upgrade on a Budget – Replace the Light Switch Plate and Plug Plate

Upgrading the light switch plate or plug plates is a simple and inexpensive upgrade that will make a big statement.

After upgrading the vanity hardware consider upgrading the light switch and plug plate to match.

For example – if an oil-rubbed knob was selected then upgrade the switch plates to be oil-rubbed as well.

When upgrading the light switch and plug plates be sure to count the number of slots needed to accommodate the light switches.

#9: Upgrade Your Bathroom With the Best Kind of Paint

As the bathroom is a wet, moist area picking the right type of paint is important.

 Bathroom Upgrade Ideas for painting

Consider latex paint as it offers improved durability as well as moisture resistance.

The components of latex paint resist moisture penetrating the surface making it easier to keep clean.

#10: Easy Bathroom Upgrade with Big Impact is the Paint Color

For a personalized feel and vibe, the paint color choice is an important thing to choose for an upgraded bathroom.

Bathroom Upgrade Ideas for painting color choices

Some great paint color choices include:

  • Bright white: For smaller bathrooms, bright white is an ideal choice as it creates an open, airy feel – even in tiny bathrooms. It’s classic, and sophisticated, and can work with any bathroom theme.
  • Light blue: Light blue is an open, airy choice that can be reminiscent of the sky. Choosing light blue provides a relaxed and comfortable feel. There is much evidence showing blue can be a calming color making it ideal for a bathroom.
  • Brown: Depending on the theme, brown can be an ideal choice. It provides a spa-like feel and pairs very well with specialty wall tiles as well as floor tiles.
  • Soft grey: An ideal choice for modern bathrooms, soft grey pairs extremely well with white tiles and white vanity fixtures. The pops of white color combined with soft grey achieve a bright, modern bathroom.

#11: Transform Your Bathroom with a New Medicine Cabinet or Mirror

Whether selecting just a mirror or a mirror with a medicine cabinet, or a medicine cabinet without a mirror – there are various options providing both style and function for any bathroom.

cabinet and mirror Bathroom Upgrade Ideas

Limited space bathrooms: For a bathroom, with limited space and storage, a medicine cabinet with a mirror is an excellent option.

This provides additional places to tuck away bathroom necessities while providing a place to get ready for the day or night.

Modern-looking bathrooms: There are several new modern-looking mirrors that light up from the inside providing a brighter bathroom.

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Popular types of bathroom mirrors

  • Farmhouse
  • Frameless
  • Lighted
  • Rectangle
  • Circle
  • Oblong
  • Square

Popular types of medicine cabinets

  • Frameless
  • Recessed
  • Farmhouse style
  • Framed with stylish borders

#12: Light Up Your Bathroom with an Upgrade to the Lighting Fixtures

Nothing is a greater calling card to the days of yesteryear than dated lighting fixtures. This is especially true in the bathroom.

Often dated lighting fixtures were thick and cumbersome which didn’t allow much light to come through ultimately creating a darker bathroom.

Lighting Bathroom Upgrade Ideas

To create a bright space or spa-like bathroom, lighting fixtures can play a pivotal role.

Here are a few popular bathroom upgraded lighting fixture options.

#13: Selecting a Theme is a Great and Easy Bathroom Upgrade Idea on a Budget

To pull all the previous bathroom upgrades together, create a bathroom theme for decorating. 

As I mentioned in the about me area of my blog, I got married in Las Vegas.

We were married at the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel and Casino – and I’ve been collecting flamingo items ever since.

I am in love with my flamingo theme bathroom. I wanted something fun, bright, and cheerful.

The pops of pink, green, and blue keep the bathroom from feeling too small while also maintaining a fun feel.

I am in love with my flamingo theme bathroom.

I wanted something fun, bright, and cheerful.

The pops of pink, green, and blue keep the bathroom from feeling too small while also maintaining a fun feel.

theme Bathroom Upgrade Ideas

Other popular bathroom upgrade themes ideas:

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#14: Accent Towels are an Easy Bathroom Upgrade Idea on a Budget

After selecting a theme for the bathroom upgrade, invest in quality accent towels.

Purchasing a high-quality hand towel is essential since it’s often used multiple times daily.

This is also a great place to pull together a color scheme from the theme chosen. 

Towel Bathroom Upgrade Ideas

I selected a thick turquoise hand towel to compliment my flamingo-themed bathroom.

Whether upgrading the bathroom hand towel or towel bar in the bathroom, be sure to pull from the primary colors of the overall theme to make the accents flow together properly.

#15: Light Up the Night with a Fabulous Night Light for the Bathroom

It’s the middle of the night and nature calls – not exactly the time to have a bright as the sun overhead bathroom light shining.

Enter a nightlight.

A nightlight can be great for kids and adults, but make sure the level of brightness is adjustable.

Nothing is worse than stumbling to the bathroom at 3 AM and being completely awoken by a bright light. 

I didn’t think I could love a nightlight until I found ours.

It features adjustable lighting brightness as well as three plugs.

By adding three additional plugs, I’m able to have a scented plug-in and run my hairdryer without constantly unplugging one thing or another.

It also has an additional awesome feature that when toggled on, the light only switches on when the room is dark.

#16: Bathroom Floor Mats are an Easy Bathroom Upgrade Idea on a Budget

While a bathmat might seem like an insignificant upgrade to a bathroom, it really isn’t. 

I’m a klutz.

Yep – I said it. I trip over my own two feet, bump into walls and just overall struggle with balance (despite my ice-skating days.)

I’ve slid across the bathroom floor one too many times to count, which makes investing in quality floor mats essential at my house.

Bathroom Upgrade Ideas for rugs

Bathroom floors get wet. Just a fact of life.

Between showers, brushing teeth, and washing faces – water is everywhere.

It’s imperative to create a slip-resistant addition to the bathroom flooring.

There are a few types of floor mats that can provide a grip or absorb water to the bathroom floors.

Best for kids, those with mobility issues, and klutzes (like me) non-slip grip mats:

These mats grip the floor and don’t slide around. I had to purchase an ultra-thin grip mat for my upstairs bathroom.

When the new flooring went in the bottom of the door wasn’t trimmed so there’s limited space between the door and the floor.

So, the thickness was an issue when selecting a bathmat for us.

Take care to notice the depth necessary when selecting a bath mat

Best for luxury: Memory foam
Stepping onto a cloud-like feel, memory foam bathmats are soft, fast-drying, and absorbent.

This is ideal for a luxurious feeling under your feet.

#17: Transform Your Bathroom with the Best Shower Curtain

Although we waited some time to fully upgrade our bathroom after purchasing the house, I had started working on a theme before closing day.

I decided on the flamingo theme early on and my first purchase was the shower curtain. 

The shower curtain is generally the first thing noticed when entering the bathroom.

It’s important that the shower curtain is upgraded and ties in with all the other elements of the bathroom. 

Make sure the shower curtain has a nice shower liner to go with it.

I upgraded the liner recently to a multi-magnet liner.

I got tired of the liner blowing on me in the shower. Adding additional magnets, the upgraded liner stays put.

#18: Take the Best Shower with an Easy Bathroom Upgrade to the Shower Head

A good shower starts with the shower head.

If a substandard shower head is installed, the water pressure and stream can be of lower quality.

To ensure a solid shower invest in a quality showerhead. 

Some shower head types available today include:

Best for a budget-friendly showerhead: Fixed showerhead

This is by far the most cost-effective and easy on the wallet showerhead. This no-frills shower head has a single-function spray and is a traditional style.

Best for mid-level showerhead: Dual showerhead
In my bathroom, I have a dual showerhead that I love.

One head is stationary while the other can be handheld. I love that it’s essentially a two-in-one style for multiple functions.

Best for higher-end showerheads: Rainfall showerhead

The rainfall-style shower head can transform a bathroom both visually and in addition to increasing the function of the shower.

Many feature energy-conserving adjustable water flows as well as multiple function settings.

#19: Invest in a Quality Shower Caddy for an Easy Bathroom Upgrade

In my house, a shower caddy is important.

Although I have two built-in shelves in my bathroom, I’ve got a lot of shower accessories.

On a related topic, my husband also has a ton of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, etc.

This makes a shower caddy a necessity. We need the added space.

A shower caddy holds all the necessities in one tidy little area.

I have previously purchased the generic ones, the medium quality ones, then I got (and love) a simplehuman shower caddy.

Yep, that’s the best.

It literally holds all my stuff, stays balanced, and bonus – it works with the dual shower head. Love it! 

#20 A Toilet Paper Holder is a Great and Easy Bathroom Upgrade Idea

The toilet paper holder might not seem like it should get its own category of bathroom upgrade tips, but – there are such cool new ones on the market – I included it.

For example, I upgraded the toilet paper holder that the previous homeowners had to a new, cool double-roll holder with a shelf.

The shelf is handy to create a little extra space in a small bathroom.

Types of toilet paper holders include:

There are also so many different types of materials and styles such as:

  • Painted
  • Polished
  • Lacquer
  • Powder coated
  • Unfinished

Many of the new toilet paper holders can hold one to four rolls or more of toilet paper at a time.

#21: A Quick and Easy Bathroom Upgrade Idea is a Plug-In or New Scent

The bathroom can be a well-used room that can take on a variety of smells.

Counteracting this can be helpful with powerful scents. 

There are countless ways to change the smell in a bathroom. Consider adding a plug-in for decor and scent.

easy bathroom upgrade idea plug in

I purchased a flamingo plug-in and pair it with an ocean-scented oil.

I love the beach and enjoy the fresh smells of the ocean when I get ready each day.

Consider adding the following scents to upgrade the aroma in the bathroom.

  • Lavender
  • Vanilla
  • Bergamot
  • Cinnamon
  • Chamomile
  • Jasmine
  • Orange 
  • Sea and ocean
  • Summer
  • Fresh
  • Cotton and linen
  • Coffee
  • Spice

There are different ways to filter scents into the bathroom such as:

  • Aerosol sprays
  • Cleaning products
  • Scented plug-ins
  • Candles
  • Cone gels
  • Reed diffuser
  • Puffs of air freshener 
  • Potpourris
  • Gel beads

#22: Upgrade Your Bathroom Door Handle for a Budget-Friendly Change

One of the little upgrades we made that made a huge statement in our home was upgrading all the door handles.

We purchased inexpensive privacy multi-pack box door handles and changed them all out. 

We did have to make some minor changes to the inside of the old-fashioned, 1960s-doors that originally had ball knobs, but in one afternoon we switched out all the door handles in the house.

I love the look of a modern wave-style door lever.

However, there are many different types that can upgrade any home.

Types of doorknobs like:

#23: Make a Statement with Bathroom Wall Art

Nothing brings together your entire bathroom like wall art.

After painstakingly selecting the tile, shower or bathtub, grout, color scheme, towels, and bathmats now it’s time to pull it all together with wall art.

I love my flamingo canvas wall art. The three pieces work together tying in the accessories, bathmats, and shower curtain into one cohesive-looking bathroom.

When selecting bathroom wall art make sure to consider:

  • Type of material as it will be in a moist area
  • Size of the art in comparison to the size of the bathroom
  • Color scheme
  • The theme jives with the rest of the bathroom

#24: The Toilet is the Perfect and Easy Bathroom Upgrade Idea

Last but certainly not least is the toilet.

Whatever its name… the porcelain throne, the main event, the hot seat, etc. the toilet is an extremely important item to upgrade in the bathroom. 

A toilet’s function and design are pivotal to the bathroom itself. 

There are so many types of toilets available in today’s marketplace such as:

  • Standard
  • Bidets
  • Chair-height
  • Urinals
  • ADA compliant

In addition to the toilet itself, picking a seat creates function. 

Seat choices include:

  • Heated
  • Raised
  • Slow-close
  • Padded

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Final thoughts
When upgrading the bathroom there is so much to consider.

Picking out the theme, tile, bathtub, shower type, paint type and color, toilet, scent, nightlights, and lighting fixtures as well as the bathmat type are all important to the overall design of the bathroom.

Your turn!

I hope this bathroom upgrade tip list was helpful and gave a vision for your bathroom upgrade.

Are you thinking of upgrading your bathroom? Which of these 24 easy bathroom upgrade ideas on a budget is your favorite?

Let me know in the comments!

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