Simple Spring Kitchen Decor Ideas for Easy Decorating

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Spring is a time for new beginnings and fresh starts, and what better way to welcome the new season than by refreshing your kitchen with fresh spring home decor ideas? If you’re searching for an easy way to add some spring kitchen decor ideas to your own home, you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading for a great way to welcome the new season with your own spring kitchen décor.

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As the winter season is ending, the weather is warming up, and nature is blooming with pops of color from beautiful favorite flowers, it’s the perfect time for a fresh start and to bring a touch of spring into your home. 

That’s why we’ve created a simple way to add spring kitchen decor ideas that will give your home a fresh and inviting look with the most popular colors for spring.

In addition, we’ve included lots of ideas to decorate your own kitchen without breaking the bank. 

spring kitchen decor ideas

From incorporating simple tips like a fresh spring color scheme to adding new kitchen essentials for your home to updating your kitchen table with floral prints on a tablecloth to adding new kitchen towels to featuring beautiful dishes with a spring pattern in open shelving kitchen cabinets, these ideas are our favorite ways to create a bright and cheerful atmosphere in your kitchen. 

So, if you’re looking to give your kitchen a seasonal makeover fit for a spring tour, read on for some inspiration and tips on how to effortlessly bring the beauty of the spring season into your kitchen.

Simple Spring kitchen decor ideas for easy decorating 2

1. Utilize Fresh Flowers for a Bright Colors Centerpiece

Whether adding fresh flowers or faux flowers to your kitchen as a centerpiece, this is a different way to feature your favorite colors of the season into your spring home decor. 

The natural beauty and vibrant hues of fresh flowers or faux florals from Etsy, Hobby Lobby, or Amazon is the easiest way to add a new look to your home, creating a cheerful vibe without spending a lot of money. 

spring kitchen decor ideas with fresh flowers

Whether you select a single large floral arrangement for your favorite places on open shelves of kitchen cabinets or a cluster of smaller ones on the side of the kitchen counter, the burst of spring colors will undoubtedly enhance the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. 

Consider choosing flowers that complement the entire space of your existing kitchen decor or go for a mix of different spring blooms for an eclectic look in the kitchen area or even the dining room. 

2. Feature a Spring Decor Cake Stand with Spring Touches on the Kitchen Counters

One of my favorite pieces to add to the kitchen countertop or end of the island in the kitchen is a spring cake stand

spring kitchen decor ideas with a cake stand

From last spring to this spring to next spring, a cake stand is a timeless kitchen decor idea.

One of the good things about adding a cake stand is its versatility of showcasing your delicious springtime cakes while also adding a fresh spring look to your kitchen.

With so many great spring cake stands available, select one with beautiful spring intricate designs and delicate white accents and detailing for a great look.

In addition, you can also select a cake stand with floral patterns or pastel colors to embrace the essence of the spring season. 

3. Decorate a Home Kitchen Coffee Station with Spring Vibes

What better way to welcome spring than with a delicious cup of coffee in a dedicated coffee bar with pops of fresh spring colors?

spring kitchen decor ideas coffee bar

It’s a great time to create this spring-themed coffee station, by incorporating spring elements that capture the essence of the season. 

Start by selecting a light and airy color palette, such as pastel shades of pink, blue, or green, to create a fresh and inviting atmosphere. 

Add a touch of nature by placing potted plants or fresh flowers on the coffee station, bringing in the beauty of blooming spring blossoms. 

Consider using cute mugs with floral or nature-inspired designs to add a playful and cheerful springy touch. 

To complete the spring coffee bar look, hang a small piece of artwork or a framed quote that reflects the rejuvenation and growth associated with this time of year. 

4. Showcase Fresh Fruit in a Dough Bowl for a Touch of Spring Charm

Another delightful way to infuse your kitchen with a touch of spring charm is by showcasing fresh fruit in a dough bowl

spring kitchen decor ideas fruit in dough bowl

This simple yet elegant display not only adds a pop of color to your space but also brings a healthy snack within easy reach. 

Choose a shallow dough bowl in a neutral shade to serve as the base for your spring fruit arrangement. 

Select a variety of fruits to create a visually appealing mix of colors and textures. 

You can also grab some faux fruits to arrange artfully, letting their natural shapes and colors shine. 

5. Showcase a Happy Spring Table Runner in a Spring Color

To further enhance the spring ambiance in your kitchen, showcase a cheerful spring table runner in a vibrant spring color. 

spring kitchen decor ideas table runner

A table runner can instantly transform your dining area, adding a fresh and festive spring touch. 

Look for a table runner in a springtime hue such as pastel pink, mint green, or sunny yellow to capture the essence of the season. 

Select patterns or prints that incorporate floral vibes or playful spring designs to enhance the visual appeal. 

Whether you choose a table runner adorned with blooming flowers or delicate butterflies, it will effortlessly bring a sense of joy and renewal to your kitchen or dining area. 

Pair it with simple white pieces or neutral-colored tableware to allow the runner to take center stage. 

6. Use a Kitchen Dish Towel for Simple Spring Kitchen Decorations

To add a touch of so much fun and charm to your spring kitchen decor, add some great dish towels.

Select from a variety of seasonal spring dish towels with polka dots, spring stripes, or fun flowers.

These adorable and versatile towels can instantly brighten up your kitchen space with playful patterns and colorful designs

Hang them on your oven handle or drape them over your kitchen counter for a subtle yet delightful spring accent. 

7. Feature Kitchen Rugs with Touches of Spring

Another fun way to infuse your kitchen with a touch of spring is to showcase different colors of striped rugs with touches of spring

These rugs can either cover a small area near the kitchen sink or a large space under the dining room table.

Area or kitchen rugs effortlessly tie together the various spring elements in your kitchen while adding a fresh and vibrant vibe. 

Choose rugs with a variety of spring-inspired colors such as pastel shades of pink, blue, green, or yellow. 

There are so many great rugs available from Amazon, area big box stores, and Home Goods.

8. Showcase a Lovely Updated Spring Look Tiered Tray for Your Kitchen Island Decor

spring kitchen decor ideas tiered tray

Another delightful way to elevate your kitchen island decor for the spring season is to showcase a beautiful spring kitchen-tiered tray

Tiered trays provide both functionality and style, allowing you to display an assortment of decorative items in a visually appealing manner. 

For a lovely spring look, feature elements such as small potted plants filled with vibrant blooms, delicate ceramic bird figurines, and a small farmhouse spring sign. 

You can also add a touch of elegance with decorative candle holders.


9. Update Everyday Dishes to Spring Decor Ones

To infuse your kitchen with a fresh and vibrant spring ambiance, consider updating your everyday dishes to ones that reflect the springtime season. 

spring kitchen decor ideas plates

By swapping out plain, neutral-colored plates and bowls for ones adorned with floral patterns, pastel hues, or springy designs, you can instantly transform your dining experience. 

Select dishes made from ceramic or porcelain, as they lend an elegant and timeless charm to your table setting. 

Pair them with complementing flatware in silver or gold tones for an added touch of sophistication.

Additionally, showcase spring-inspired glassware and teacups, such as floral stemless wine glasses, floral drink tumblers, or colored teacups, to further enhance the seasonal ambiance. 

10. Showcase Spring Dish Brushes Holders and Decorative Dish Soap Dispensers

One of the small changes you can make to add a touch of freshness and charm to your kitchen this spring is by incorporating stylish and functional dish brushes holders and decorative dish soap dispensers. 

These accessories not only serve a practical purpose but also act as decorative elements that elevate the overall aesthetic of your kitchen decor. 

Choose spring-inspired designs such as floral patterns, pastel colors, or natural looks like leaves and birds to create a fun and refreshing springtime look.


11. Use Springtime Essential Oils or Candles for a Fresh-Smelling Kitchen

spring kitchen decor ideas candles

To add an extra layer of freshness to your kitchen this spring, add the delightful scents of springtime essential oils or candles. 

Not only will these fragrances fill your kitchen with a refreshing aroma, but they can also help create a calming and inviting feel in the heart of the home. 

Select scents such as lavender, citrus, or floral notes to evoke the essence of the spring season. 

When you place a few drops of essential oil in a diffuser or light up a scented candle on your countertop or windowsill, allowing the fragrance to permeate the air will add some spring to your home. 

12. Add a Great Lazy Susan to the Kitchen Countertop

Enhance the visual interest of your kitchen this spring by showcasing a lazy susan filled with an assortment of delectable spring treats on your countertop. 

spring kitchen decor ideas lazy susan

Not only will this add a touch of charm and elegance to your space, but it will also create a focal point that captures attention. 

For a yummy-looking display, add colorful macarons, cookie cutter cookies, pastel-colored candies, or freshly baked mini cupcakes adorned with spring-inspired decorations. 

13. Grab a Springtime Apron for Cooking

Embrace the essence of springtime in your kitchen by donning a charming and vibrant apron that reflects the season’s beauty. 

The first thing you’ll notice when you add a springtime apron is that it can instantly elevate your cooking experience while adding a touch of style and personality to your culinary endeavors. 

Choose aprons in cheerful pastel shades or adorned with floral patterns, capturing the fresh and lively ambiance of the season. 

14. Get Springtime Floral Salt and Pepper Shakers

It won’t take much time to add some spring vibes with fun spring salt and pepper shakers

These charming and functional kitchen accessories are the perfect way to infuse a hint of spring and fun into your cooking space. 

Grab some with intricate floral designs and fun pastel colors, to effortlessly capture the essence of spring right on your kitchen countertop or dining table. 

15. Display a Spring-Inspired Wall Art Print

For a final touch to your spring kitchen decor, consider displaying a spring-inspired wall art print

Choose a wall art print that showcases the freshness and beauty of the season, such as floral hydrangea arrangements, blooming gardens, or vibrant landscapes. 

spring kitchen decor ideas wall art

Select springtime art prints with soft pastel colors or lively bursts of springtime hues to create a visually appealing focal point in your kitchen. 

Whether you prefer a large statement piece above your dining area or a collection of smaller prints arranged in a gallery wall, incorporating spring-themed art will add an artistic and inviting atmosphere to your kitchen space. 

You can grab a collection of digital download wall art prints on Etsy and save money while keeping your spring kitchen home decorated.

Simple Spring kitchen decor ideas for easy decorating 1

Final thoughts

As we’ve come to the end of the post, we hope you enjoyed these great spring kitchen home decor ideas.

By incorporating simple spring decor into your kitchen, you’ll add a fresh and inviting touch to your seasonal home decor. 

From showcasing bright and colorful spring accents to utilizing natural elements, there are numerous ways to bring the essence of the season right into your kitchen. 

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Your turn

Do you change over your kitchen at the end of the season to update your home decor? What do you think of these spring kitchen decor ideas? Which one are you incorporating into your home decor this spring season?


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