43 Fun Backyard Games for Parties in 2024

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Are you hosting a celebration this summer season and looking for a great way to add some friendly competition with outdoor activities and backyard games to your event? If so, you’ll love these backyard summer party game ideas to enjoy on a hot summer day. Keep reading for the perfect fun backyard games for parties that all of your guests will love.

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Summer is the perfect time to gather with friends and family members, soak up the sunshine, and enjoy the great outdoors with a classic outdoor party game.

Whether you’re hosting a family reunion, backyard birthday party, or relaxing with larger groups or small groups of family and friends, adding some fun party games to the event is sure to be a hit with adults and kids of all ages. 

In addition, whether you’re hosting a backyard BBQ party or pool parties, or a summer holiday, there are endless possibilities for creating a fun and memorable event with fun backyard games for parties. 

fun backyard games for parties pool fun

Whether you’re planning a small get-together or a larger event, choosing the right classic outdoor games can make all the difference with a party theme.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best backyard summer party game ideas that are the perfect way to make a fun twist to your outdoor party.

From a classic party game like an obstacle course to a water balloon toss to a scavenger hunt to a treasure hunt, we have a popular game for every party and celebration.

So, start your party invitation list, and get ready to plan the best backyard summer party with these fun outdoor party games.

43 fun backyard games for parties

1. Go for the Gold with Some Backyard Olympics Games

fun backyard games for parties

Another unique and fun backyard game idea is to organize an outdoor Olympics event.

This exciting event can be tailored for all ages and abilities to make some adult or childhood memories right in your own backyard.

2. Create A Backyard Olympics Obstacle Course

Design a challenging obstacle course using items like cones, tires, ropes, and tunnels. Time guests as they navigate through the course for medals.

3. Host an Egg and Spoon Race During Your Backyard Game Party

Participants must balance an egg on a spoon while racing to the finish line. 

4. Enjoy a Water Balloon Toss in the Backyard on a Hot Summer Day

Pair up participants and have them stand facing each other at increasing distances. They toss a water balloon back and forth, taking a step back after each successful catch. The last pair with an intact balloon wins.

5. Have a Basketball Shooting Contest in the Backyard for a Fun Game Idea

Set up a basketball hoop and see who can sink the most shots in a timed competition.

6. Feature a Hula Hoop Contest in Your Backyard for a Fun Game Idea

See who can hula hoop the longest without dropping it. You can also have contests for the most creative hula hoop moves.

7. Have a Three-Legged Tag Game in Your Backyard

Tie participants’ legs together in pairs and have them play a game of tag.

The pairs must work together to chase and tag other participants without tripping.

8. Set up a Backyard Target Archery for a Fun Game Idea

Set up a target and provide toy bows and suction cup arrows for guests to practice their archery skills.

9. Create a Sack Race in Your Backyard for a Fun Game Idea

Provide potato sacks or burlap sacks and hold a classic sack race. Backyard game participants hop their way to the finish line, with the first one across crowned the winner.

10. Wheelbarrow Races are Fun in the Backyard

Pair up groups, with one person acting as the “wheelbarrow” and the other as the “driver.”

The driver holds the wheelbarrow partner’s legs while they race to the finish line.

11. Knock All The Balloons Down with a Backyard Balloon Pop Game

Inflate balloons and have everyone take turns throwing darts to pop the balloons. The first team to pop all their balloons wins.

12. Create a Mini Golf Tournament in Your Backyard for a Fun Game Idea

Set up a mini-golf course in your backyard using household objects as obstacles. Everyone can take turns navigating the course, and the lowest score wins.

13. Set up a Water Gun Duel to Cool Off with Backyard Summer Game Ideas

fun backyard games for parties water games

Equip everyone at your backyard event with water guns and set up a water duel area.

Players face off in one-on-one battles, trying to soak each other until one player is completely wet.

14. Feature a Limbo Contest for a Backyard Game Idea

Use a long stick or a jump rope as the limbo bar, and see how low guests can go without touching the ground. Lower the bar after each round until only one person remains.

15. Glow in the Dark Capture the Flag is a Fun Summer Backyard Game Idea

Divide the players into two teams and designate territories.

Each team hides its glow in the dark light in its territory, and the goal is to sneak into the opposing team’s territory, capture the light, and return it to its own base without getting tagged.

16. Create a DIY Disc Golf Course for a Fun Backyard Game Idea

Create a disc golf course using hula hoops or other targets as “holes” and designate throwing zones. Everyone takes turns throwing frisbees or discs toward the targets, trying to complete the course in the fewest throws.

17. Have a Fun Ring Toss

Set up a series of pegs or cones at varying distances and have players take turns tossing rings to land on them.

Assign different point values to each target, and the player with the highest score wins.

18. Set up a Fun Summer Water Backyard Obstacle Course

Create a water obstacle course with water-themed challenges like running through a sprinkler, crawling through a kiddie pool filled with water, and sliding down a homemade slip and slide.

Time each participant and the fastest completion wins.

19. Set up a Fun Backyard Bubble Blowing Contest for All Age Groups

Provide bubble solution and wands, and see who can blow the largest bubble or the most bubbles within a time limit. You can also judge based on creativity or the longest-lasting bubble.

20. Grab Bean Bags and a Cornhole Set for Fun Games at the Party

An easy way to get everyone in a party mood is to set up some bean bags and a cornhole set at your party. 

Cornhole, a beloved American pastime, involves tossing bean bags toward strategically placed holes on a wooden board. 

By providing a cornhole set, complete with bean bags, you can create a fun and festive set of outdoor games that are a blast for your holiday guests.

21. Play Backyard Bingo for a Fun Game Idea

fun backyard games for parties pool

Another entertaining option to include in your party lineup is a fun game of printable backyard bingo.

With its simple rules and universal appeal, bingo can provide fun for all ages. 

Grab your printable backyard bingo game on Etsy for a quick and cheap game idea for friends and family.

22. Play a Backyard Scavenger Hunt Game for a Fun Idea

Backyard scavenger hunts have long been a popular choice for group activities inside and also the great outdoors. 

Incorporating a fun-filled scavenger hunt into your backyard games can add an element of fun and adventure to your party for a family fun day.

fun backyard games for parties scavenger hunt

This classic game not only engages participants but also encourages teamwork and problem-solving skills with both your friends and family.

By designing clues and hiding them in various locations, everyone will embark on a thrilling quest to uncover hidden treasures and surprises.

Whether it’s searching for a hidden summer gift set, completing backyard challenges, or solving fun riddles, a scavenger hunt adds an element of fun to your backyard party.

23. Enjoy Human Ring Toss for a Fun Backyard Game Idea

A unique and entertaining activity that is sure to get everyone laughing at your gathering is a game of fun inflatable ring toss.

This interactive and engaging game involves participants taking turns tossing inflatable rings and attempting to toss them into targets. 

The targets can be set up at varying distances and heights to add an extra level of challenge and excitement. 

24. Set up a Giant Jenga for Fun Backyard Lawn Game Ideas

Father's Day Party Games Jenga

Celebrate the spirit of patriotism and add a touch of friendly competition to your party by featuring a selection of backyard lawn games like Giant Jenga

25. Ladder Toss is a Fun Backyard Game Idea

Players throw bolas (two balls connected by a string) at a ladder-shaped target, aiming to wrap them around the rungs for points for this ladder toss game.

26. Kan Jam is a Great Backyard Game Idea

Teams take turns throwing a frisbee at a can while their partner tries to deflect or slam the frisbee into the can for Kan Jam game ideas.

27. Giant Four in a Row is a Fun Backyard Game Idea

A giant four in a row is a supersized version of the classic game where players take turns dropping colored disks into a vertical frame, aiming to get four in a row.

28. Giant Twister is a Fun Game Idea in the Backyard

Create a DIY version of Twister using spray paint to make colorful circles on your lawn.

Guests will have a blast trying to contort themselves to match the calls.

29. Create a Fun Giant Tic-Tac-Toe in the Backyard for a Game Idea

Draw a large tic-tac-toe grid on a tarp or use rope on the lawn.

Provide large X and O pieces for players to place as they try to get three in a row.

30. Set up Some Horseshoes for Backyard Game Ideas

Set up stakes in the ground and have players take turns tossing horseshoes, aiming to land them around the stake for points.

31. Bubble Soccer is Fun for Backyard Game Ideas

Rent or purchase inflatable bubble suits for guests to wear while playing a game of soccer.

The bubbles add an extra layer of fun and hilarity to the game.

32. Enjoy Fun Glow-in-the-Dark Backyard Lawn Game Ideas

As the sun sets, switch to glow-in-the-dark versions of games like ring toss, frisbee, or lawn bowling by adding glow sticks to the equipment.

33. Feature a Backyard Hula Hoop Ring Toss

Set up a series of stakes or poles at varying distances in your yard.

Each stake has a different point value.

Players take turns tossing hula hoops, aiming to land them around the stakes.

The closer they get to the target stake, the more points they earn.

It’s a fun twist on the classic ring toss game, adding the challenge of using hula hoops as the rings.

These classic backyard games are a great idea for a fun time at your home.

34. Enjoy Backyard Pool Party Games

For your backyard bash, why not make a splash with an unforgettable pool party filled with fun games and activities? 

Transform your backyard oasis into a paradise by decorating the pool area with floaties, balloons, and fun decorations. 

Keep everyone entertained with classic pool games such as:

35. Marco Polo is a Classic Backyard Game Idea

A classic pool game where one player closes their eyes and tries to tag other players by calling out “Marco” while they respond with “Polo” without leaving the pool.

36. Have Fun with Backyard Pool Water Volleyball

Set up a net across the pool and divide players into teams for a fun game of volleyball with a splashy twist.

37. Play Some Backyard Water Basketball

Install a floating basketball hoop in the pool and have guests shoot hoops while treading water or from the pool deck.

38. Create Some Backyard Pool Party Mermaid Races

Encourage everyone to swim like mermaids or mermen from one end of the pool to the other, using their best mermaid races underwater swimming techniques.

39. Play Some Backyard Splash Tag

A variation of tag where the person who is “it” tries to tag other players by splashing them with water.

40. Backyard Fun Inflatable Bull Riding Contest

Set up an inflatable bull or animal float in the pool and see who can stay on the longest.

41. Play Some Fun Backyard Underwater Treasure Hunt

Toss coins or small toys into the pool and have guests dive to collect them. The person who retrieves the most treasures wins a prize.

Whether you’re diving for treasures, participating in an obstacle course contest, or playing water volleyball, a pool party filled with fun games will keep everyone entertained and create lasting memories all in your own backyard.

42. Enjoy Outdoor Games Like a Lively Flag Football Game

For the football enthusiast, what better way to celebrate a fun time together than by enjoying outdoor games like a lively flag football game? 

This classic sport brings together family and friends for a day of friendly competition and fun.

fun backyard games for parties football

Everyone can showcase their football skills and amazing passion for the game while creating unforgettable memories with everyone playing.

From strategic plays to exhilarating touchdowns, flag football provides an opportunity for everyone to join in all the fun.

Regardless of age or experience level, grab some flag football awards from Etsy for everyone who enjoyed the backyard flag football game a fun time.

43. Set Up a Classic Game of Backyard Bowling for a Fun Idea

For those guests who have a love of the lanes, a classic game of bowling would be the perfect addition to your backyard game event. 

Set up a mini bowling alley in your backyard with a portable bowling set

This backyard bowling game will provide a fun and competitive activity for everyone to enjoy during a party or event with friends and family. 

Whether it’s a strike, spare, or a few gutter balls, the shared laughter and friendly competition will create lasting memories with backyard glow bowling – all in the comfort of your own backyard.

43 fun backyard games for parties 2

Final thoughts 

We hope you found some fun outdoor game ideas for your backyard party. 

Whether you choose to play a classic game with a custom built cornhole board and bean bags or set up some bocce ball games to play or enjoy Kan Jam in your own backyard, the key is to create a welcoming and lively atmosphere that is so much fun for all to enjoy.

So next time you plan a backyard party for friend or family gatherings, add some of these best outdoor party games for fun and make it a memorable party for everyone.

Happy party planning!

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Your turn 

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