14 Best Home Essentials for Senior Dogs for Every Pet Parent

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As the saying goes, “a house isn’t a home without a dog.” As pups age, they require extra care and need certain specialty home essentials for senior dogs. 

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If your beloved pet has reached a certain age, their home essential needs evolve, and senior dogs require specialized items.

Embarking on the journey of caring for a senior dog comes with its unique set of joys and responsibilities.

As our beloved furry companions age, their needs evolve, requiring a thoughtful approach to ensure their comfort, well-being, and overall quality of life.

In this blog post, we explore the essential elements of creating a home environment tailored to the needs of senior dogs.

From specialized bedding to aids that promote mobility, grooming essentials, and a nurturing atmosphere, discover how simple adjustments can make a significant difference in enhancing the golden years of our canine friends.

So, if you’re searching for the best home essentials for senior dogs – you’ve come to the right place!

Let’s get into it!

If you’ve read my blog, you know my husband and I are proud pet parents.

My husband, a retired K9 officer, and I treat our pets as kids. 

About our family of dogs

Prepare Home for a Puppy with Paco

After 13.5 wonderful years, our police dog, Paco, crossed the rainbow bridge.

Our rescue pup, Mirage, is currently 12 years old. 

Prepare Home for a Puppy Mirage

With lots of life experiences with older dogs, read on for my top 14 home essentials list for senior dogs.

You might be wondering, is my dog a senior?

Although size factors into a generalized dog’s age, ages 5-10 are considered senior dogs with a median age of 7 being a senior. 

If your loyal pup has reached a certain age, it might be time to switch out some of their home puppy supplies and purchase home essentials for senior dogs. 

Where is a resource to shop for great home essentials for senior dogs?

Amazon has a wonderful assortment of senior dog home essentials as does Amazon.

So, if you’re ready to learn more about the best options for a senior dog at your home – keep reading! We’ve got you covered!

1. Get the Right Senior Dog Bed

Much like humans, as dog’s age, they become stiffer, and their joints tire. 

Often suffering from hip dysplasia or arthritis, an orthopedic bed will help ease some of the stress on their bodies. 

A pressure-reducing foam dog bed can also help prevent future joint issues for senior dogs.

2. Senior Dogs Like to Stay Warm and Cozy

In my experience, as dogs grow older, they typically lose some weight and thin out.

Despite a balanced diet, treats, and “people food” (I know, I know, I shouldn’t) both my pups lost weight after entering the senior dog age bracket. 

Moreover, much like elderly humans are typically cold, senior dogs could potentially be as well. 

Be sure to keep your senior dog warm and comfortable by purchasing a sweater or jacket.

home essentials for senior dogs coats

My senior dog, Mirage, especially loves a jacket on cold Ohio mornings and a sweater to sleep in at night. 

The above picture is a throwback to an especially cold Ohio morning years ago with my dogs Paco and Mirage. 

3. Senior Dogs Enjoy a Dental Bone or Chews

Dental disease is extremely common for senior dogs.

To help reduce tartar buildup, tooth decay, and gingivitis consider adding dental chews or dental bones

For safety, the best time to offer a dental chew or dental bone is at home under pet parent supervision.

4. Supplement for Senior Dog Muscle Mobility

I mentioned my senior dog, Paco, suffered from hip dysplasia.

In his older years, stairs became quite difficult. 

According to Pet Zone, an active pup or an older dog with mobility issues, can benefit from trying Native Pet Omega Oil and it’s a game-changer.

To help ensure your senior dog stays mobile and to reduce inflammation, consider adding a supplement to their diet. 

5. Grab a Senior Dog Water Fountain

The calming sounds of a babbling brook now provide a serene atmosphere in my kitchen.

Where is this calming sound coming from?

My senior dog’s newest home essential is a pet water fountain.

Although my husband thought I was crazy when I suggested upgrading Mirage’s plain water bowl to a pet water fountain, I pointed out some of the benefits for our senior girl.

Some benefits of upgrading from a standard water bowl to a pet water fountain include:

  • A filter provides improved taste and smell
  • The fountain flows constantly to provide a more hygienic water source
  • It’s slightly elevated to help senior dogs from bending over
  • The pet water fountain helps water stay cooler 
  • Pet parents will not need to fill the water as often
  • Animals typically prefer drinking from running water, thus encouraging them to stay hydrated in older age

6. Senior Dogs Enjoy Toys That Stimulate Teeth and Gums

My senior dog, Mirage, absolutely LOVES her Kong brand toys.

When she was younger, she enjoyed playing with more active toys such as fetch and ball toss. 

Senior Dog Essential Toy

However, as Mirage has aged into a senior dog, she now prefers a more relaxed playtime.

The Kong brand toys provide her with something to play with while relaxing.

7. Senior Dog Food is Great

When pets age, they typically slow down in speed and activity.

Therefore, their dietary needs must adapt to using less energy. 

Consider changing over to a senior pet-formulated food that could boost select proteins and add probiotics to aid in digestion as well as help with a healthy coat. 

Consider changing over to a senior pet-formulated food that could boost select proteins and add probiotics to aid in digestion as well as help with a healthy coat. 

We’ve used Eukanuba for years and have had a ton of success with both Paco and Mirage.

8. Soft Treats are Fabulous for Senior Dogs

As I mentioned in idea 6, my senior dog is obsessed with her Kong toys.

To make sure her teeth stay secure, and her jaw doesn’t ache, I changed out lots of her treats. 

I now opt for a softer, easier-to-chew option for her.

Her favorite is Puperoni and absolutely loves all of the flavors.

9. Fabulous Flea and Tick Medicine is a Must for Senior Dogs

Since we’ve raised Mirage from a puppy (to learn more about bringing home a puppy – check out my puppy post here) one thing we haven’t changed is her flea and tick medicine

For safety from fleas, ticks, and mosquitos, our vet suggested back in the early 2000s that we use K9 Advantix on our dog, Paco, and we have been using it ever since.

K9 Advantix has served both of our dogs well for more than two decades, and this isn’t something we will be switching. 

10. Senior Dogs Love Better Harnesses

As dogs age into seniors, it’s important to note their bodies don’t perform the same way they did as a puppy.

For example, their breathing and necks might be disturbed with a standard collar on long walks. 

home essentials for senior dogs walking harness

A standard collar, when connected to a leash, may pull on their throat making it difficult to catch a breath.

We upgraded Mirage’s standard walking collar to a harness a few years back, and walks have been much easier on her.

11. Go Gentle With a Great Leash for a Senior Dog

In addition to upgrading to a walking harness, add a leash here to keep your senior dog close on walks. 

As dogs age, they typically aren’t as active on walks.

Consider adding a leash that is easier on both of you and can be clipped onto your pants or backpack for a hands-free walk.

12. Chill Out with a Cool Senior Dog Leash or Vest

When the summer months arrive, we humans spend more time on our decks and patios.

Make sure your senior dog doesn’t miss out on any of the backyard fun. 

However, summer months typically mean rising temperatures, too.

With increased temperatures, dog heat exhaustion can become a concern. 

A serious problem, make sure to prevent dog heat exhaustion before it happens.

One senior dog home essential, to keep them safe, is a cooling dog collar and cooling dog vest.

13. Senior Dogs Will Be Cool on an Outdoor Cooling Mat

In addition to a cooling collar and cooling vest, consider adding an outdoor cooling mat for the deck or patio. 

With puppy energy comes lots of running around in the backyard, however, with senior dogs beginning to slow down, they may prefer to relax on the deck or patio instead. 

Consider adding a cooling dog mat to help keep your senior dog cool, comfortable, and relaxed outdoors.

14. Be in the Shade with a Senior Dog Canopy

Much like the cooling vest, cooling collar, and cooling mat, a shaded outdoor canopy can help keep your senior dog comfortable outdoors. 

Consider setting up a shade canopy for your senior dog whenever they are in the backyard, the park, or any outdoor adventure to keep them cool, comfortable, and safe.

15. Keep Your Senior Dog Busy with a Pet Subscription Box

As we’ve covered, there are so many essential items for your senior dog.

In addition, be sure to keep your senior dog engaged and stimulated with the right toys and activities.

home essentials for senior dogs

It’s important to provide a variety of pet safe items such as chew toys, interactive puzzles, and plush toys.

Additionally, subscribing to a pet subscription box like BarkBox can be a fantastic way to regularly introduce new and exciting toys and treats to your senior dog’s routine.

With BarkBox you can customize your dog’s box for their individual needs and that includes allergy-safe treats and toys.

Moreover, you can pick the right plan for you.

BarkBox offers 6- or 12-month subscriptions, shipped to your specifications.

Your senior dog won’t have to wait long as most boxes arrive within 5 days.

Then, your senior dog will enjoy their BarkBox every month where they’ll get themed toys, treats, and lots of dog excitement.

Bonus! If your dog isn’t 100% happy with their BarkBox, the company will work with you to make it right.

Final thoughts

I really think, just like fine wine, dogs get better with age.

Although puppies are fun, middle-aged dogs are spunky, I think senior dogs are the best.

With age comes knowledge, understanding, and unconditional love. 

home essentials for senior dog on couch

I hope you found some of these home essentials for senior dogs useful, and helpful, and your senior dog will love them, too.

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Your turn

Are you ready to spoil your senior dog with some of these fun home essentials? What are your favorite home essentials for senior dogs? Let me know in the comments!


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